DRCs: 02-19-09

by Brandon on

I made a New Year’s Resolution to answer these before 3pm on February 19th. Mission Accomplished!

What’s Mark’s obsession with time travel? He must be very dissatisfied with his current station in life. – Emily

Brandon: Or perhaps his entire station in life. It is a lonely station where trains don’t run on time, or arrive at all.

I find it funny all the people that send in “remember me” DRCs, when really, I bet no one remembers them, and no one cares what happened in their life since the site went down. – kindernoob

Brandon: Looks who’s talking!

I already feel up Princess Peach in he privacy of my home. Then I let her outside to eat grass and puke up her Meow Mix. – ANC

Brandon: Pussy joke!

Boom blox was pretty entertaining, but it did not come with a bag of chips. Perhaps I should have played it with more people than just ASPLW. – A Sad Pathetic Little Man

Brandon: You bought it at the wrong place, mine came with Cool Ranch Doritos.

I am afraid that after I die people will fuck my skull – Mark

Brandon: I’ll keep an eye out for ya!

Is it just me or have there not been any new banners on this site for a while? – Nemo

Brandon: Yes.

Hello fellow enthusiast, please visit my Nintendo fan blog at www.nerdtendo.blogspot.com – Barndon

Brandon: No.

In your opinion, what would be the easiest subject for me to get a doctorate in? – Mark

Brandon: Skullfucking.

I’ve waited until now to buy Resident Evil 4 for the Wii because I didn’t want to spend over $20 on a game I’ve already played to the death on the Gamecube. That said, it was definitely worth it, considering how many hours I spent engrossed in saving Ashley’s skinny ass for the 40th time.

The only thing I hate is how worthless the Rifle is now. After only an hour of using the Wiimote to aim, not only was I completely disappointed to find that the Rifle aims with the control stick, but it’s like my brain was screaming at me for even trying to do it that way. Despite years of experience with dual-analog FPS games, suddenly aiming with a control stick felt like the world’s most antiquated minigame.

On the plus side, the Wiimote aiming is so precise that you don’t need a rifle for long-distance shots, but even then I kept the rifle in denial until I had to sell it for TMP ammo room. I’m really gonna miss that sweet cock…

… and reload animation. – R.O.B.

Brandon: I let my friend borrow RE4, and he simply can’t stop playing. He said one night he played for so long that when he got up from the couch and there was actually a suction sound. I’m not sure what my point is here other than saying once again that Resident Evil 4 is still awesome.

I want to see a video of Kevyn and Kevin making out. – Mark

Brandon: Why are you telling me instead of asking them?

I accidentally missed my microeconomics exam on Monday and now we may never know what price Punjab will sell his watts of electricity for. – Wippersnapper

Brandon: That’s racist.

Is it sad that the “game” I’m most excited about this Christmas is Personal Trainer: Cooking? It looks really awesome!

I also put Boom Blox on my list, if that redeems me at all. – Emily

Brandon: Barely.

Is Cory the sexiest member of the Birdsong clan? – Mark

Brandon: Barely.

Ya ever think maybe Sony should just make PS2s? They’ve got to be at the break-even point on those by now, right? – jpat

Brandon: Maybe they should put a Blu-Ray player in PS2s and sell them for $450.

Whatever happened to Dunkaroo cookies? Those things were fantastic. – Dr. Worm

Brandon: I don’t remember them at all, and if they were named Dunkaroo because you were supposed to dunk them in milk, I wouldn’t eat them because no one tells me how to eat my cookies.

How this fit with the ten years of blood spitted by us nintendo fan, when everyone was mading pun of you just because you owned a Nintendo console? Nintendo now is the number one, the monster Sony is beaten… But I’m not happy as I figured in the Nintendo 64 era. Am I losing faith in Nintendo? Or is Nintendo changed? I ask you. – Olpus Bonzo

Brandon: English is not your first language, is it.

I’m glad to see this site is back!

What is the consensus on the Banjo-Kazooie sequel being released on the x-box? I know a little part of me died with that announcement – VonTrappChildren

Brandon: A little part of me didn’t give a shit or buy either the old or the new one.

Sometimes I sort the guild tab by rank, and watch it, waiting, for the day when “Guild Leader” turns white. – Shakey

Brandon: Perhaps one day…

I love the Xanadu-themed Nintendorks banner. It also gives me an excuse to note that the “Magical Music Edition” of Xanadu is super-cheap on Amazon and contains the most excellent soundtrack. – jpat

Brandon: I’d be lying if I said I didn’t just go to Amazon to see how much that was.

I just permanently borrowed Saint Nick’s sleigh. He was getting all my attention. – Jesus

Brandon: Happy belated birthday.

When will I be able to operate my car with the Wii-mote? – Eldaron

Brandon: You can right now! Go on, give it a shot!

I am another one of those people that find most RPGs more a chore then a pleasure and have never played Chrono Trigger, but decided to buy the DS version. Haven’t played it but reading this recommendation makes me clear that my purchase was justified. – Kannon

Brandon: I just beat that dude on the Jetbike.

I just got the idea to start a band that plays famous Canadian pop songs in the style of southern rock and I’m going to call it Lynyrd Cohyn. Is this a good idea? – Cutie Suzuki

Brandon: Not in the least.

Why is Navi lonely? – Me

Brandon: Because you touch yourself at night.

I miss you. – SquirrelGOD

Brandon: Sorry, been busy with shit.

How about a game that COMBINES Blast Corps. and Wetrix? – BeardedBunny

Brandon: You can’t just smash two awesome games together without a description and expect people to get excited. I know! How about a game that COMBINES Bionic Commando and Fire Emblem?

For some reason, it feels good to have a review on the front page again… Thank, Cory, for reviewing Ninjatown–a game I didn’t even know existed. – Buster Bunny

Brandon: Are you related to BeardedBunny?

Brandon, I miss you. – Eldaron

Brandon: Again, sorry.

Brandon, I still miss you. – Eldaron

Brandon: This was probably sent one month later.

DRC’s!! I miss you!!! please come back =( – Arghan

Brandon: Working on it.

All the new content in Chrono Trigger DS sucks.

That’s all. – Emily

Brandon: I never played the original, so when I get to the part that sucks I’ll know it’s the new content.

re: Oh, My God: Street Fighter IV

I didn’t read anything. Just looked at the pictures. What. – notquitetony

Brandon: Correct. The question is what, not why.

I’m confused by the “Oh, My God: Street Fighter IV” post on the main page that contains nothing about SFIV and contains a picture of two people playing as Ken in a CvS2 match. – Hungrywolf

Brandon: Maybe you need to read it again.

…I miss you so much it hurts sometimes. – SquirrelGOD

Brandon: Where does it hurt.

I forget, did I already suggest a game that combined Wetrix and Blast Corps.?

I guess it would involve building Venice, and then knocking it down with super powered speedboats. – BeardedBunny

Brandon: Whoa, I honestly wasn’t expecting this.

Hey can you guys get to work on a new Pokémon game? Thanks. – Meeka

Brandon: We are going to combine Pokémon with Leisure Suit Larry.