DRCs: 02-27-09

by Brandon on

The secret is in the pacing.

I’m going to bake cookies tonight. – Emily

Brandon: WHAT KIND? That’s like saying “I have a STD”…some info is rather important when it comes to eating things.

Do you think it’s possible to be dumb, but in a sexy way? – Mirage

Brandon: Sure, just look at Ryan!

Nintendorks is abuzz with activity! I am amazed and delighted like I haven’t been since some time late last year when the DRCs stopped showing up to breakfast. But the wait was worth it — thanks to BeardedBunny, I guess. And you!

Mostly you. – Jai

Brandon: Totally mostly me.

Holy shit the Star Wars thing was amazing. Can’t wait for the next one. – The T

Brandon: It’s here!!!

C’mon, Brandon. Admit it. You started doing DRCs again because I’m ripping you off in the Confession thread.

If I had half of your humor and 1/8th of your penis size, I’d be the happiest man on Earth. – CNE

Brandon: If a confession is sent to you verifying that, it wasn’t from me.

I knew that stupid mafia game was the reason these were never updated.

It better have been worth it. – REVLIK

Brandon: Oh, there were other reasons, believe you me!

I visited the site earlier today, and got the dreaded, webpage not found error, and that made me sad.

Came back a couple hours later to find that not only was the site back, the DRC’S were back too!!!

All is again right in the world. Thank you. – Arghan

Brandon: Hmmm, I see that script to block your specific IP address still needs some work.

I would like to hear your opinion on the blue DSi. – You bear the mark of the chosen one.

Brandon: I don’t need to pay that much money for an extra letter.

I would like to think that you saw my DRC and ran off and resubscribed to Warcraft and thats why it took so long for a new DRCs. So I would like to apologize to everyone but really they can fuck themselves we have fun together. – Shakey

Brandon: We do, don’t we? Sorry I missed out date last night.

Somehow I found the build-up to the drc’s much more exciting than the actual drc’s themselves. In the end I simply find myself concerned that you are overexerting yourself, and wonder whatever happened to The Vibe. – Wippersnapper

Brandon: What’s The Vibe?

This is better than all of the prequels combined. – Andros

Brandon: I’m still trying to figure out why Kevin’s walkthrough isn’t on the main page of every website like CNN and my water company.

more alt tags on images on the main page please!!!! – brettimus

Brandon: You just ruined it.

“Press ‘B’ for oral pleasure.” – GodPlaysNintendo

Brandon: b …nothing happened. Oh, wait a second I think something’s happening…

This is possibly the greatest videogame walkthrough in the history of videogame walkthroughs – Fundletheoffkilter

Brandon: It should be a main story on Verizon Wireless.

I’m working my ass off to get Microsoft certified in case I lose my job in the declining economy. I’m going to take exam 70-536 in two weeks. Good investment? – Dazz07

Brandon: I have no idea what half of those words meant.

You would not believe how many people visit my site by searching for “child’s laugh on tv commercials”.

Thanks for the link. I must update the page more often! – Steve

Brandon: I wonder what the makeup is…I see a pie chart of Nintendorks readers mixed with sexual predators, and the two slices overlapping in the middle.

“Then Japan plays a dating sim again. See, I’m making fun of Japan.”

Sorry, I couldn’t hear you over the sound of Band Brothers DX. Also, I had Brawl like 2 months before everyone here. One game doesn’t give you bragging rights when there are dozens of games I can get here that will never even be considered for sending to North America. – EKDS5k

Sgt Hulka: Lighten up, Francis.

What is a man? – Dracula

Brandon: For you, breakfast. HAHAHAHAHAHA!

That would be “Fironic Emblemmando.”

You’re welcome. – AJ

Brandon: If I join a motorcycle game, that will be my gang name.