EA notices Wii selling, announces games; new Boom Blox, Dead Space port

by Cory Birdsong on

don't be sad, monkey

ollowing a disappointing year in sales of titles focused at fancypants HD consoles, spunky upstart publisher EA has announced plans for half of its 2009 releases to be Wii games.

Presumably, someone at EA stopped snorting coke off John Madden’s tits long enough to notice the November and December NPDs, the fact that Wii games are much less expensive to develop than their, and the fact that it was actually just baking soda.

First up for the Wii is a port of the reasonably well-received survival horror shooter Dead Space, which is a no brainer after how well Resident Evil 4 worked once infused with waggle. According to EA, it will not be a quick and shitty port: “It is absolutely going to be the quality of fear factor of the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions.”

EA also announced a multiplayer-focused sequel to Boom Blox, a.k.a. the best Wii game to come out last year. It will even include online level sharing!

Holy fuck! Third parties are finally behaving as if the Wii was outselling every other console on the market combined! Perhaps one day I’ll turn mine on and find more to do than weighing myself.