Three Games That I Am Looking Forward To

by Kevin on

So, I have been on a small vacation from posting on the site because of some personal matters, but in the mean time, I’ve started to grow a hunger for some of the games that will be releasing for Nintendo systems in the near future. I have chosen a Wii game, a DS game, and a DSi game, because hey, these are the Nintendo consoles that exist right now. Here are the games, so that if you had not heard about them, you might do a little research and possibly, they will interest you as well? I don’t know, I have a kind of eclectic taste in games, judging by the weird response I got to my list of my top games of 2008.

  1. Retro Game Challenge – (Nintendo DS) – So, there’s a show in Japan where a dude (Shinya Arino) plays a bunch of classic video games, completing little challenges as he goes along. That’s kind of it. He’s not super great at the games, but watching him play is actually kind of fun, and when he succeeds, you get excited. If he doesn’t, you feel the agony of it, too. Well, in Japan, there’s a DS game based on the show, where Arino issues challenges to you in a series of video games based on knock-off versions of classic NES games. Listen – watch this trailer and then tell me that you aren’t at least a little intrigued. It’s a game designed for NES fanboys. Which I assume you, the reader, are. It comes out next week in America! NEXT WEEK. 2. Dead Space – (Wii) – Recently, EA decided to start being “innovative” and creating “new intellectual property” with “interesting ideas” instead of just “making” more “Madden” games and sequels to “Medal” “of” “Honor.” They’ve released Mirror’s Edge, a First Person parkour game that, while only receiving middling ratings, was at least hailed as somewhat interesting and new. Also, they released Dead Space, which was what happens when someone says “Metroid Prime is good. Survival Horror is good. Let’s put them in a bag and hope that they make a baby. Ok, let’s release that baby in a box.” It recieved goodish reviews, and if you haven’t seen videos, take a look. I bet you’re watching it and thinking “what if it had Wii controls?” Ok, you are not thinking this. Instead, you are thinking about naked people doing sex. But, if you were thinking about the Wii controls for Dead Space, you are IN LUCK since they are porting it for the Wii. If you were thinking about naked people doing sex well you are ALSO in luck because you are on the internet which is the home for that sort of thing.

3. Utsusu Wario Ware – (Nintendo DSi) – Hey, we’re getting a new DS this spring! It’s that DSi that doesn’t really seem to be much of a push forward, but we will all purchase anyway. Remember, it has a downloading service, and there will be games for this. Games like Utsusu Wario Ware, which, from this video, seems ridiculous and stupid and actually really, really fun. I love Wario Ware because it is a game that is made for someone who has the attention span of