A Boy And His Blob remake announced; jellybean futures hit all-time high

by Kevyn Leger on

According to April’s issue of Nintendo Power, WayForward Technologies, designers of Contra 4 and LIT, are currently developing a Wii remake of the 1989 NES classic A Boy and His Blob. The original game, created by Pitfall! designer David Crane, centers around a young boy and his curiously subservient pet, an anthropomorphic glob of semen named Blobert. To progress in the game, the player feeds Blobert various flavored jellybeans that cause him to transform into objects such as trampolines and ladders, allowing the duo to solve puzzles and bypass obstacles.

The remake retains the 2D platform design of the original, this time rendered using a handpainted art style reminiscent of the Xbox 360 cult hit Braid. The game is due to hit store shelves this fall. In the meantime, you can satiate your hunger for blobbery goodness by clicking on the link below to view screenshots.