DRCs: 03-10-09

by Brandon on

Ghettofied ghettolosity.

EKDS5k obviously doesn’t know about Play-Asia.

Though he still has the upper hand since he can actually read the text in those games. – ANC

Brandon: I’m pretty sure he’s also a ninja.

I’m out of my boring lame paperwork contract again and back to robot repair. Now I get to have MORE Champagne. And you always seem to update DRCs just in time for me to celebrate/lament my temporary change in roles. I wonder what is the cause/effect here. – Emily

Brandon: I affect your life more than you would like to believe.

Yes you do. – DSi

Brandon: Nah, not really.

A dirty little pile of SECRETS! – Dracula

Brandon: I think you mean miserable.

I still think Jungle Beat is more fun while slamming a pair of fake plastic bongos like a retard. – Chives

Brandon: How else would you play it?

I think I am going to need to get an X-Box Live Gold account. Are they worth it? Oh crap it doesn’t matter since I have no money. Guess who is a grad student? This dude is. At least until the money from the prince arrives! – RubixsQube

Brandon: I honestly don’t know what a gold account does for me…I think it lets me play online? And maybe other stuff? Perhaps I should have researched these things before throwing money Microsoft’s way.

Can I be in your motorcycle game? Is it video or board?

OR DRINKING?! – SerratedEdge

Brandon: Yes.

mad world mad workd mad world mad owlr mad world man world mad wrold – brettimus

Brandon: It’s getting good reviews, and will be making an appearance on my birthday list!

Also, they were chocolate chip oatmeal cookies. I also made creme brulee. – Emily

Brandon: I don’t give a crap about your dumb cookies anymore. I hope you learned a valuable lesson.

Well you tell EKDS5k that I’ve played Band Brothers DX and have decided that it sucks. So he can go back to his dating sims. – Travis

Brandon: How pathetic would it be to play a dating sim in a love hotel.

At the edge of the great forest, you will find a man dressed entirely in taupe. He will guide you to the city of the river-people, where you will learn their ways and become as one of them. When the day comes to assassinate their leader, no one will suspect you, and the man in taupe will silently ascend, his smile veiling the pride and paranoia inside of him. Later, he will have you murdered because he believes you are out to claim his throne. – The Keeper of Secrets


I am a shitty poster. Ban me! – Mangar

Brandon: This is funny whether it’s a Mangar imposter or not.

I think Kevin found the only Star Wars game I ever want to play again. Not only is it blissfully ignorant of the prequels, it’s blissfully ignorant of the original trilogy! How refreshing for a Star Wars game. Thanks, Kevin! Your review was a Wonderbra for the soul.

I hope Kevin reads the DRCs. – Jai

Brandon: No one reads the DRCs.

does it mean anything if i spew after reading like 5 drcs?? – bretttimus

Brandon: I affect your life more than you would like to believe.

“Serious stuff goes to The Bag…” Where is this bag of which you speak? – The pubic wants to know.

Brandon: Between my legs HEY-O!

the genesis actually WAS better than the snes – matt1212

Brandon: You are incorrect. Redo your math.

Wow. Nintendorks lives -again-?

How can we possibly keep track of you guys at this rate?

No matter…

Anyway, Brandon — we need a Mr. Face Mii. – DavidDayton

Brandon: There is one! Hellboy and I joined forces to create one way back when. If you play your cards right, you might have one sent to you.

I’ll give you a dollar if you upload some DRC’s… today. – Medium Mac

Brandon: Sweet.

A Boy and his Blob Wii looks delicious. – A Sad Pathetic Little Man

Brandon: Delicious like jellybeans! So long as the jellybean isn’t black. Not racist.

That article about home cookin’ was fucking funny. Who’s Adam again?

my name is mecha and i don’t know things – Mecha

Brandon: Adam is that dude named Adam that writes for the site.

I imagine Adam’s “A History of Home Cookin'” as being read by Lewis Black. – Emily

Brandon: I imagine it being read by you as a bedtime story.

My DS just developed a pixel-y line down the touch screen. And whenever I turn on my Wii, it makes a buzzing noise like a weed-whacker. Why do the nintendo gods hate me?…why? *sniff* – []!

Brandon: You may have just developed your mutant power…

I never played the original “A Boy and his blob.” Should I give that a try? – Mark

Brandon: I barely remember it, but I remember it being fun!

I’m gonna call you “Brandon De-FArt!” haha! GIT-R-DONE! – Larry The cable Guy

Brandon: Hahaha I have never heard THAT one before! You are truly a comic genius!