DRCs: 03-17-09

by Brandon on

I treat every day as St. Patrick’s Day.

… – Crono

Brandon: He is a rather quiet lad.

Just so you know, it’s almost time… – A Sad Pathetic Little Man

Brandon: I should be worried, shouldn’t I…

If my mutant power is destroying home electronics…maybe I shouldn’t be on my computer. But then how can I play FEAR?…WHAT SHOULD I DO?

Brandon: Maybe FEAR’s mutant power is to dilute your mutant power…I hope you think FEAR is a good game, because it’ll be the only game you ever play!

Yeah whatevar! I’m immortal and I’ll suck you’re blood so their! – Dracula

Brandon: One would think Dracula to be much better at spelling. I mean, if I were immortal, I’d have to pass the time SOME way or another, and learning to spell would be somewhere on that list.

“How pathetic would it be to play a dating sim in a love hotel.”

Gee, what’s it like way up there on your pedestal? – SquirrelGOD

Brandon: It’s warm and inviting.

Have you accepted _____ as your Lord and Savior? – P. Mannin

Brandon: Oooh, I love religious Mad Libs! P. Mannin found ______ as his higher power, but thought that he should eat a ______ first.

I have no interest in Excitebots or MadWorld. Is there something wrong with me? – Mark

Brandon: My buddy got Madworld and I played a bit over the weekend. It’s really good, and will probably be #1 on my bday list. I think I’m right there with ya on Excitebots, however.

Holy crap! You guys are back? – Chives

Brandon: We never went away. Not from your heart.

“Well you tell EKDS5k that I’ve played Band Brothers DX and have decided that it sucks. So he can go back to his dating sims. – Travis”

Travis’ lack of skill at Band Brothers aside–

HOLY CRAP while I was typing up a smarmy response to this and simultaneously checking out play-asia so I could make fun of it too (probably the high prices), and I just noticed that Pikmin 2 for the Wii was just released. Being that I never played it the first time around and have been waiting for this for months (since I picked up Pikmin 1 in January), I immediately jizzed my pants! Hot damn!

In conclusion, Pikmin + Wiimote controls = awesome. – EKDS5k

Brandon: I’m still not buying it. I’m tempted, but not THAT tempted.

The best home 3D that a gamer can get their hands on that doesn’t destroy your eyes is the Sega Master System 3D Glasses. Space Harrier 3D was amazing and way, WAY, ahead of it’s time. Even the newest 3D tech from Nvidia for PC’s uses similar technology to the MS’s glasses. Check it out! – Brian

Brandon: No.

Would it be cool if I post my deals on Nintendorks.com like this one? – Skoad

Brandon: No only Cory can do that.

Hey, I just beat Emily on the Studio64’s chat stats. Did she get a life or something? Playing Tetrinet no doubt. – AquaRichy

Brandon: Some crap about robots and cookies I’m sure.

I’m confused about which forum members are which staff members… Please, please tell me who’s who. – Magpie

Brandon: Cory = Gemini. Travis = Boris Stoke. Kevin = RubixsQube. Adam = ShadowKing. Awesome = Stumpy Joe.

You should update the DRC’s today so you can make them green for St. Patrick’s Day. – NothingMan

Brandon: Way to fucking ruin it.

There are several strategies that I use when training people in fighting games (I’m something of an expert myself).

The first is to understand the underlying gameplay is about the intersection of geometric shapes over brief periods of time. You need to know what moves your opponent and you have, what parts of the move will connect to deal damage, which can be hit, and when. Find the best distance from which to defend or begin an attack. By controlling the distance between the fighters, and understanding what your opponent can do, you better your odds for successfully attacking or counterattacking them.

There is a code for Mortal Kombat Trilogy (N64) that will show the attack and hit boxes in red and blue rectangles. This is perfect for illustrating how the geometries in most 2d games work.

Street Fighter II is the perfect game for understanding tactics as they apply to range. Dhalsim is best at extremely long range, Zangief at extremely short. Sagat and Vega are both best at long range and reactive combat. The rest are good at varying levels of middle range combat. If you can keep the range of combat where it’s best for you, you control the fight.

The Samurai Showdown 5 (and to a lesser extent, the rest of the series) is great for understanding timing. Due to how many of the characters have similar range, the “counter” system, and how increased attack frequency lowers damage, many matchups become more about carefully positioning yourself and reacting to your opponent. Use quick attacks and getting your opponent to overcommit with powerful attacks that you can counter. Projectiles and uppercut-type moves work similarly. Traps based on timing are key to the psychological/mind game/predictive aspects of all fighting games.

Combos are best initially learned from the Killer Instict or later Mortal Kombat series, as both provide clear rewards for memorizing them and learning how to start them safely.

Priority is the system of understanding when two attacks would damage each other, which attack is most likely to be successful. Killer Instinct 2 has the most clear-cut priority system of any game I’ve seen. Once the concept is understood, knowing which moves will counter what comes down to memorization. (Hint: in street fighter, a good dragon punch has higher priority than everything.)

Good luck on learning how to perform special moves, as that usually just comes down to practice and memorization.

I hope this helps you. – charek

Brandon: Did anybody ask for this info? Oh looky there on the main page! Kevin just asked for this info! I also suck at Street Fighter II, Kevin, you are not alone. In fact if we were to play each other, it could be released as a movie, and be at least 3 times more entertaining than The Fifth Element.