DRCs: 03-26-09

by Brandon on

Africa is a continent of giggles.

I am sad that you choose Ryu, but it is an excellent way to start. If you are having trouble with the dragon punch, try pressing right then quarter circle forward (if you are player one), that is a good way to get used to it.

Just don’t spam Hadoukens when playing with friends, good way to sour a friendly game 🙂 – Cam

Brandon: To be honest I think the reason I never got into Street Fighter is my friend who had it who go absolutley batshit insane when he lost.

So I take it Brandon = awesome? – Phil Matthews

Brandon: I don’t understand why there’s a question mark at the end of that statment.

Hey Brandon. – Emily

Brandon: Hey Emily.

Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix has the option to display hitboxes built in, if people don’t want to play shitty Mortal Kombat 64. – llamapalooza

Brandon: The only console Mortal Kombat I remember playing was for the SNES, and I barely remember that because my roommate and I were usually feuled on bourbon when it was time for fatalities.

Wow Kevin, you suck. – Debbie Downer

Brandon: That actually wasn’t much of a downer. I think you may be an imposter.

Dear Nintendorks Confessional,

Every time I rub one out I need to take a whiz right after, but when I have sex I don’t. Isn’t that just crazy?! – Oh shit, why did I type drc into the Nintendorks Confessional?

Brandon: Maybe it’s because you don’t have sex.

I keep reading that as “Dead Animal Crossing: $30”. I would buy that game. – A Sad Pathetic Little Man

Brandon: No you wouldn’t.

What are you talking about nothing could be better than the Fifth Element the Fifth Element is great how many times have you wanted to get your Chinese fast food from a floating Chinese junk (proper term? oh no I used punctuation :() and then had your fortune turn good when you read your firing notice and got to go on a radio talk show with so flamboyant a and the hair you street fighter ii is alright but come on it also had a flame thrower and a freeze thing in it! – Blue Thing With Rocks In Gut

Brandon: I imagine The Fifth Element would be awesome if you were 12 when you saw it. I was not, and think it’s a pile of shit. Yet I can’t NOT watch it, which makes me hate it even more.

Blasphemy! The Fifth Element was a damn fine movie. – 2Cold Scorpio

Brandon: If horrible writing, bad acting, cheesy special effects and dumbass plot make a damn fine movie, ok.

I described ASPLM to somebody the other day as “The West Coast Brandon, but with kids and less hair”. I realized, too late, those factors meant he couldn’t really be the Brandon of anywhere. Should I apologize first to the person I told, or to you, or to ASPLM? Don’t worry too much about ASPLM, though, we all know there’s a list as long as my neck of my own physical attributes for him to ridicule. – Jai

Brandon: Yeah you’re going to have to apologize to me. It’s pretty clear the West Coast Brandon is Zac Efron.

Yeah this has been driving me nuts for years. Everytime I hear that laugh I think of DKR. So weird. Must be one of those industry in jokes. – Rob

Brandon: You’re a bit behind.

Hey. Did you ever beat Master Quest? I just realized I stopped at the Forest Temple about 6 years ago. Is it worth it? Did you know a sperm whale’s penis is almost 7 feet long? – Kevin

Brandon: I barely remember Master Quest…so either I beat it and don’t remember, or didn’t beat it and don’t care.

Green Beer really tastes no better than normal Guinness…but I still drank a bunch more than usual. My teeth are still tinted, though. – []!

Brandon: Mine are still swimming.

Okay, I rented Pikmin years ago and enjoyed it, so I’m putting serious thought into getting the Wii version. BUT, should I get the one out now, or just wait for Pikmin 2 and get that. I get the feeling that they’re not the kind of games that are story driven. – SquirrelGOD

Brandon: I actually liked Pikmin more than Pikmin 2 if that helps your decision-making process.

Avenge me! Kill Robot John Wilkes Booth. Also, how much money am I making from those Lincoln Logs? – Robot Lincoln

Brandon: Did you know that the son of renowned architect Frank Lloyd Wright created Lincoln Logs? Not only that, but they could be called Lincoln Logs (apart from Lincoln living in a log cabin) because Wright’s birthname was Frank Lincoln Wright! I read that on wikipedia, so it HAS to be true.

I used to read this website all the time back around 2000 or 2001 or so…then I quit for some reason. I can’t believe you people are all still alive…let alone still producing thoughts that tangent themselves along the lines of rational. Bravo, I say. Bravo. I wonder what the hell I’ve missed in 8 years… – McDiggy

Brandon: About 5 years of silence.

Seriously? This passes for free quality journalism? A 12 year old girl’s livejournal is more compelling. Sheesus Christ, when did this site get its nuts chopped off? Is everyone married with kids? – Yer Mom

Brandon: You’re going to have to be a little more specific and a little less jealous.

I’m thinking that for the next date I go on, I’m only going to speak in song titles, like that Whose Line skit from a while back. I’m thinking that I could seal the deal at the end of the night by saying “I want to know what love is (I want you to show me).” I’ll also probably try to throw in “Shock the Monkey” at some point for a quick laugh. – SquirrelGOD

Brandon: That’s certainly funnier than throwing in Biko for a quick laugh.

Would you like to come on the show again soon? You’d really boost our rating during “Sweeps Week” – Mark

Brandon: Sure!