E3 2009

by Kevin on

The 2009 Electronic Entertainment Exposition begins tomorrow, June 1st, at 9 AM, with Microsoft’s Press Conference.

For us Nintendorks, it really begins on the 2nd of June at 9 AM in the beautiful new Nokia Theatre in downtown LA, where Nintendo is holding their own press conference. What do we expect to be there? Statistics? Reggie? Mario? Wii Fit Plus? NOBODY KNOWS. If it is better than last year’s then I think that would be a victory.

As previously mentioned, three Nintendorks staffers will be going, and handing out Nintendorks condoms (print and fold your own Nintendorks condom envelopes, kids!), and so expect, in the next few days, for the site to be abuzz with impressions, news, videos and pictures. We’ll be updating with pictures from the show floor to our new flickr photostream, so check there periodically to watch, in picture format, as Travis is escorted from the premises and then viciously mugged and beaten on the Mean Streets of East Los Angeles. It is guaranteed fun for the whole family.

Our own coverage starts at 9 AM at the press conference, where we’ll be multitasking from the Nokia Theatre. We’ll be in the studio about a minute ahead of the streaming web broadcasts, so expect many of our posts to be mean-spirited lies designed to raise your hopes (“Ravi Drums did not just come out on stage”). Also, we’ll simultaneously be on twitter, and responding to your @Nintendorks twitter comments. Finally, one of us will be seeing how naked they can get during the press conference. Secret naked.

I hope you enjoy the Nintendorks presence at this year’s E3. It will be fun and scary!