At the End of the End

by Travis Woodside on

As E3 comes to a close I find it difficult to think about all the games I’ve played.

There are so many titles we try to get through that the brain just can’t handle all the information. It seemed that many sites at the expo sent tons of people out there to report, but for us it was a mere three. If we were obligated to cover more than Nintendo related titles we would probably die. I am forced to thank Kevin and Cory for being great friends that made the last three days entirely more interesting than they had a right to be. It would’ve been all work without them and so for that I am grateful. And so, as the we look forward to next year’s event I have some final observations I would like to end with before we move onto post E3 articles.

  1. Kevin needs to not talk to us while in the bathroom.
  2. We need to play more BattleTanx and Beetle Adventure Racing.
  3. Activision needs to not have such a stupid booth.
  4. I need to get a haircut.
  5. Good games like Scribblenauts should not be shoved into a back area of the expo.
  6. Cory needs to talk more about southerner things so I can have an ethnic friend. It was a pleasure serving you all this year.