DRCs: 06-03-09

by Brandon on

Sorry for the lateness, thunderstorm knocked out my power.

I hope the e3 dorks actually put the site url on the condoms. That way they know who to blame when they get someone pregnant, especially if they followed tradition and poked holes in them. – Jbond64

Brandon: That would have been a grave oversight, but fear not, the url is on the back.

I can’t believe Nintendo did that. – A Sad Pathetic Little Man

Brandon: Did what, announce 43 new Mario games and Metroid?

Brandon, you should be ashamed of yourself for putting your actual life before another depressing Nintendo E3 conference focused on casual gamers and shitty wand music games. – Ron Paul

Brandon: I will say even though it had some cool games, the event was rather shitty.

What’s the best way to dispose of a wife and children in time for the release of the Team Ninja Metroid game? – CNE

Brandon: Go back in time and not get married?

The Nintendorks E3 trailer was better than the Nintendo E3 press conference.

E-mailing Nintendo corporate regarding this matter. – thisguy

Brandon: Thank you. Let me know what they say.

Please take pictures of booth babes and hilariously mix a picture of someone unattractive and/or male in with them, E3 Nintendorks! – Jai

Brandon: I forgot all about booth babes. I hope we won’t be let down. Hey gang, while you’re at it, get me some pics of Olivia Munn. Or at least her legs.

I’m intensely jealous that Cory, Travis, and Kevin are at E3 and I have to pick up scraps from PR blasts. I should be there, making witty comments, too!

Loved the twitter feed today. Can you guys find the guy who green-lit the new Golden Sun? That shit is baby’s first RPG. – Adam

Brandon: It’s almost as if Twitter has a purpose!

You don’t like yellow? You’d prefer fuchsia? – Guppy06

Brandon: Lavender.

Everytime one of you calls it DSi Ware, “iWare” I want to rape your fucking mother.

Seriously….just type the two fucking extra letters.

God damn….some people…shit – rbtr

Brandon: Your name seems to be missing quite a few letters.

This is the best E3 coverage. Thank Kevin, Cory, and Travis for us! – WindFish

Brandon: I’m enjoying it as well!

Our E3 representatives should ask Nintendo about the price points of Galaxy 2, WiiFit2, & New Super Mario Bros 2. Nintendo released ExciteBots at a reduced price because it was basically a small iterative improvement over its prequel, Excite Trucks. Seeing as how Galaxy2 uses some of the same levels as Galaxy1, WiiFit2 seems like a new front end with a few new exercises, and NSMB2 seems to be a new level set for a DS game, don’t you think they ought to follow suit and price them appropriately? – Ya Burnt

Brandon: Hey this is a serious question/comment, what are you doing here? Kind of boring homework for the boys, though.

Question for the E3 Dorks: How do the Motion+ sports games compare? Virtua Tennis vs. EA’s Grand Slam? Tiger Woods vs. Wii Resort (in both golf and disc golf)? – Gator

Brandon: I forgot about the frisbee part, I would like to know about that as well.

My theory is Kevin passed out and happened to land in some fake blood that happened to have the same DNA pattern as Doug. Cops had to take him in just for appearences. – Phil Matthews

Brandon: Your theory is full of shit.

That video of Kevin and Charles Martinet makes me very happy. It’s like an antidepressant taken through the eyes. – Welsh

Brandon: I would have been happy just with the dancing, but then he did THE VOICE!

Man, am I the only one that’s disappointing that Nintendo didn’t announce some sort of motion control for the Wii? I mean, get with he times, Nintendo! – EmeraldTheMaster

Brandon: I see what you did there.