DRCs: 06-05-09

by Brandon on

My work here is done.

I wouldn’t say it’s the best looking, I mean, when I get my tattoos done I’m gonna make sure I’ve got a tattoist that can draw the characters to actually look like the official characters. They’ve done a good job with some of the characters but I, personally, wouldn’t want anything less than 100% accurate.Also, I dunno when it came out in America, but this looks very SSBB based. SSBB isn’t good enough to base a tattoo on it. – Me

Brandon: Good lord, how drunk ARE you?

What’s your favorite E3 reveal, other than the private PMs CNE keeps sending you, because those aren’t really E3 specific. – A Sad Pathetic Little Man

Brandon: It’s a toss up between Wii Resort actually being fun, Grand Slam Tennis being good, and Scribblenauts. Oh, and Other M.

If they were all on stage, then… who was holding the camera for their Beatles video?

After I find out, I will know whether it’s cool or not to say, “That guy should have shut up, done some moving around and even gotten close-up shots.” You hold the camera like it was a dead fish you were in love with, Mysterious 4th Person! – Jai

Brandon: I’d like to think someone ran up and said, “Whoa, you’re from Nintendorks! May I videotape you?!”

I’m so impressed with this.. i have never been so excited about a game before.. ever.. and yes i do own an up to date pc and many great new games.. this is just… so amazingly incredible in every way… – KrazyKAin

Brandon: It’d be nice if everyone knew what game you were talking about.

I just want to let RubixKevin to know that whisky and whiskey are both valid spellings of the delicious nectar. The Irish add the e I think. – Nussy

Brandon: They’re both wonderful words to describe a wonderful invention. Also, good job being awkward on the pizzacast.

well i looked everywhere and couldn’t find a nintendork 🙁 i did however see a booth babe talk to her and find out that she will be working eroticacon – getupkid

Brandon: Why don’t they just call it eroticon? It looks and sounds dirtier.

I wish I could see Micheal Scofield play this game, it might look like its awsome in his hand ^^ – Razor

Brandon: It’d be nice if everyone knew what game you were talking about.

Second RB:B video was excellent. God, Kevin’s sexy.

And I wish that the new Zelda will use the exact same art style as its teaser promo uses! More than I wish for world peace, but less than I wish I had a million dollars. – Jai

Brandon: You just won’t shut up about those Rock Band videos will you.

The most depressing part of E3 was when, right when they announced over the loudspeaker that it was ending, all of the people in the media room just started to slowly clap, sad that they would have to go back to being unimportant to attractive girls paid to show off video games. – RubixsQube

Brandon: That doesn’t seem like something that deserves a slow clap…

The Beatles suck, when you are you hipsters going to stop sucking Lennon’s dick? – Anonymous

Brandon: You’re that afraid to post your name after such a SCATHING comment? What are you, 12?

“Here Comes the Sun” is a terrible song. The best rebuttal to this comes from Lou Reed: Who cares that it makes plants grow? – tubular culosis

Brandon: I hope George Harrison rises from the dead and eats your brain.