DRCs: 06-08-09

by Brandon on

Don’t worry, Kevin. I spell it “whiskey” too. Maybe it’s because I’m part Irish, or maybe it’s because I drink a whole lot of Bushmills. Also, Firefox thinks “whisky” is spelled wrong, and who can argue with Firefox?

E3 was a blast this year, but incredibly hectic. I found it amusing that we originally held the notion that we’d play some awesome multiplayer games in the evening and do other awesome things, but every single evening was spent doing work and passing out from exhaustion.

It was funny to see Kevin get gradually grumpier the more tired he got. He is the Bill Murray of our quaint little group.

Pretty sure Cory is Winston. – Travis

Brandon: Who does that make you? I’m going to guess Gozer, destroyer of worlds.

Man listening to the pizzablast, I’m kind of sad they included my bit. All I could hear on my end was Boris talking and then sometimes Cory. Kevin was just a loud noise in the background. Also every time I tried to talk someone else would and then I stopped to hear them, but they also stopped to hear me.

It was all worth it for the song during the break afterwards though. – Nussy

Brandon: It was definitely technology at its finest.

I like to believe the image actually shown of the new Zelda was a screenshot of the game and that the leaked image was just an artists rendition of that screenshot. The belief that the image IS the screenshot is a close second. – Nussy

Brandon: I would like to frame it and hang it in my nerd room…otherwise known as the basement.

If you had to choose between The Hangover and Land of the Lost, which would you see this weekend? Not that I’m going to get an answer in time. Hmm… – Jai

Brandon: I answered you on Twitter. I hope it wasn’t too late!

That still doesn’t explain what the hell is an ODST. – tubular culosis

Brandon: This is a very good point. I never got into Halo, so I don’t care either way, but it’s still a mystifying acronym.

Why do all Duracell commercials have to involve a tragic, life-saving situation? The closest I’ve come is the cable remote flashing at me for a month or so before I got tired of that and replaced with Entergizers. Just for spite. – Welsh

Brandon: Entergizers sounds like a sexy battery.

Not as wrong as you may think: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Whisky

I guess that more than one douche played the game:) – Karsten

Brandon: Ohhhhhh spelling BURN, Kevin!

‘whisky’ is a correct spelling. Go check a bottle of Johnnie Walker. – enry

Brandon: Huh oh…I predict a disturbing trend of comments.

Whisky is indeed a proper spelling for the alcoholic beverage, and the preferred spelling as it is the Scottish spelling. – whisky

Brandon: It’s as if millions of know-it-alls suddenly cried out in terror and were suddenly silenced.

Erm, the delicious malt and barley spirit they distill in Scotland is called (and spelled) whisky. – John H

Brandon: You don’t say!

looks cool! btw… whisky is the correct spelling for scotch whisky… – Jo

Brandon: It DOES look cool.

eroticon sounds like the stripper transformer… well anyways they also have the THC/Hemp festival comin up mon… hey mon yah dead mon? yah mon – getupkid

Brandon: I guarantee that festival smells horrible. Not for the THC/Hemp part, but for the people that would attend it part.

Whisky == Whiskey. Try a dictionary. Am always impressed to see you people fail at your own language. Cool game though. – whisky

Brandon: There are times where passive voice is considered ok. This is not one of those times. You fail at your own language.

“Whisky” isn’t a misspelling at all. It’s the scottish spelling. Generally when talking about the authentic scottish type, you say “Whisky”, and use “Whiskey” for the US or Irish types. Both spellings are used for the same drink, based on the region the drink comes from. Both spellings are valid both in US english and english.

Since top Scotish whisky is considered the best type, the “douchey idiot business dude” is most likely a smart person (or atleast smarter than you) of fine taste. – Tijn

Brandon: Are you trying to say Irish whiskey isn’t as good? So if he typed whiskey he WOULDN’T have fine taste? As a drinker and supporter of Bushmills I say GOD DAY to you, sir.

Whisky is whiskey from Scotland

Whiskey is whiskey from US or Ireland

Idiot business dude spelled correctly. – whiskypedant

Brandon: Shouldn’t that say “whisky is whisky from Scotland?” I don’t think you know what you’re talking about!

What amazing camerawork. I almost saw the whole screen at one point, and it was ALMOST steady!

Thanks (to whichever idiot took the video) for ruining it for us all. Is it that hard to hold a camera still, and to show the entire screen you are filming? Apparently so. – David Radford

Brandon: Haha, you are a bitter, sad, lonely man.

I’m sure this is likely the 200th or so comment mentioning this, but whisky and whiskey are both appropriate spellings. Which is used is generally indicative of the origin of the spirit. – J

Brandon: Not quite 200, but pretty damn close.

Please give all the sports topics their own forum.I am sick of looking at them in General Blabbery. – Mark

Brandon: No.

Actually, you’re not right: “whisky,” spelled without the “e,” refers to Scotch (and, less frequently, to Canadian and Japanese whiskies). American (incl. Tennessee and Bourbon whiskies) and Irish whiskies are spelled “whiskey.”

Be careful whom you call a douche, lest you find out who the real douche is. – Dave

Brandon: I think the real douches are the ones who end their comments with douchey barbs as if they are SOOOOO much better.

I just went to nintendojo to see if it still exists and oh god is it hideous now. – Sven

Brandon: Haha, here I go…holy crap, it’s nothing but ugly links.

Just so you don’t completely lose faith, I STILL start my Nintendorks visit at the main page. I peruse what’s new, and ONLY THEN do I click on the forum link.

I know the difference between right and wrong! – Gato

Brandon: The more you know, doo doo doo doo! (I was too lazy to search for the animated gif, sorry).

You might want to retract your “douchey” comment. You’re completely wrong about “whisky,” which is not the same as “whiskey.” The businessman was almost certainly a scotch drinker, so he spelled his favorite drink correctly. Google it, learn something, have a nice day! – nurr

Brandon: No, I’m pretty sure the guy was still douchey. I especially base this on those that have come to “defend” him.

Hi. I’d like to join your forum but when I try to register all I get is code. You guys seem fun so I’d really like to join and stuff, please… – bombchu

Brandon: I just activated your account. Good luck surviving!

too….much….xbox…on main page… – selendrile

Brandon: Dogs and cats living together!

“Such a thing that once was Rome” should become a recurring article where Travis reminisces about a past game. – Nussy

Brandon: You hear that, Travis?

I’m drunk. Does “DRC” stand for “Drunk Reader Comments”? – Vernon T. Koopa

Brandon: It does if you do it right!