DRCs: 06-11-09

by Brandon on

Hooray! No more douchey know-it-alls from inferior websites!

I’m pretty sure that copy of BattleTanx Travis has was mine. I feel special and will continue to feel special.

It’d be nice to see a spiritual successor of sorts to that game. Also, that Four Horsemen game that 3D0 was working on looked interesting. – REVLIK

Brandon: That explains why Travis said, “Man this game would be so much more fun if it wasn’t REVLIK’s.”

Your teeth called… your breath stinks. – dRawk

Brandon: My teeth don’t have fingers to dial a phone! I don’t believe you. Besides, how would MY teeth have YOUR number?

Wow. Just to save you future trouble on another particularly thorny (or thorney) issue:

I once wrote a song about the used of the word “Myriad” for a music class I was taking, accompanied by recorder.

[To the tune of “The more we get together”]

When you have a lot of things you say “I have “my-riad things”

No you ne-ver say a “myriad OF” things

Because that is wrong.

Because “myriad’s” an adjective,

It’s ne-ver a no-un.

No you ne-ver say “my-riad of” things

Just “myriad”, period.

I was very proud of that song until I performed it in from of my class of 100 students and 30 douchebags challenged me on the spot and proved me wrong. Thank’s internet capable phones!

Both usages are acceptable.

A Sad Pathetic Little Man

Brandon: That was a horrible song/drc. What were you thinking.

Cory, I liked your write-up of Mass Effect, although I don’t think you are riding with Liara in that space car. It’s on the Asari homeworld, and she looked a lot different then Liara did. Not sure if they said it was Liara or not, in which case I apologize. Also, you might want to check out the official site if you haven’t already. Through that I found out we get a convicted felon mentally unstable biotic and the “Clint Eastwood” of scientists, as devs affectionately call him. – Minor Corrections Guy

Brandon: I like your enthusiasm.

I think the “Such a thing that was Rome” would be a great segment, and Nussy is a genius for that idea.

And also, for the guy who wanted to know what ODST stands for, it’s Orbital Drop Shock Trooper. They’re the most bad-ass non-Spartans in Halo. Think Navy SEALS to the Nth degree. They are deployed by being dropped in from space in Orbital Drop pods that blast open on impact, and through the smoke they get out firing. They usually are dropped in in squads of at least 5. I believe I answered that question and then some, and I’m sure some other Halo Nerd responded to this as well.

Orbital Drop Shock Trooper for anyone who didn’t want to read that large wall of text. – Ben

Brandon: I was going to ask what a Spartan is, but I don’t care.

This game looks amazing, perfect use of the DS and one of the few games that is truly simple and intuitive on the surface yet deep and innovative for the puzzle genre. This is one of the few games nowadays you can really call epic, though it doesn’t look like it at first glance. – Edgar

Brandon: You work for the developer, don’t you.

FYI: Vodka can also be spelled “vdoka” or “vokda” when you happen to be drunk on Vodka. – Vernon T. Koopa

Brandon: When I’m drunk on vodka I’m usually too asleep to spell.

I’m reasonably sure “ODST” stands for “whisky.” – Mirage

Brandon: You spelled that wrong.

Any chance the loach video could be uploaded onto the Dork youtube account? – Chives

Brandon: What the…? I thought it WAS up there? Let me do some investagative research… Ah, I put them up on my account, but not the Nintendorks account. I don’t know how to add them to the Nintendorks account, sorry. Here’s part one and part two.

If I make a script that just sends my twitter comments directly into the DRC’s will I get banned? – Mark

Brandon: No, just ignored.

Drunk Reader Commenter – Am I doing it right?

Brandon: I sure hope so!

As a Bushmills drinker myself, I must say that all the douchey Scotch drinkers need to shut their douchey mouths, stop being such douches, and start spelling “Whiskey” correctly. The way the Irish, and by proxy God, have deemed good and right.


Brandon: Oh snap, he used his superhero call.

Jesus Christ, stop talking about whisk(e)y, people. – Chris V

Brandon: Yeah!

“And you’re not tired of that yet? This would stop the whole wading through shit thing in one fell swoop, since it would require registration and you could settle into the comfortable ‘not giving a shit’ zone. :lick:”


Did he just call the DRCs shit? I think he did! – EKDS5k

Brandon: I should ban him from the forum for a day. Oh wait, I already did.

I can’t wait to buy a Wii Vitality sensor so yet another machine can tell me I am in terrible shape. – Mark

Brandon: If I see this on your Twitter account I’m banning you.

Hey guys, I made this Metal Gear satire, I hope you like it:


Will Carlough

Brandon: Hey I actually smilied, and I don’t even care about Metal Gear! So I guess good job!

I totally did not know that Brutal Legend was a Zelda clone. Add that to the awesome metal theme, and I am so sold. Frothing demand increases, etc.

Thank you Nintendorks! – graddy

Brandon: I think I read somewhere it also has RTS elements? Color me excited.

So what is the correct term for a band-aid, if we can’t use the common one. Microbandage? – Weak

Brandon: Bandage? Boo-boo Fixer?

In scribblenauts you should try, alien; or UFO or something, loch ness monster or wooly mammoth or Uzi…sorry if i misspelled anything. – Leo

Brandon: I’m afraid you sent this a bit too late. E3 was over last week, so you’ll have to wait and try them yourself this fall.