DRCs: 06-25-09

by Brandon on

I hope you have a really good weekend. I really do. No, really.

I’m trying to get through enough surveys at Club Nintendo before points reset on the 30 June. Today, I could only make it through 3 before I quit. I’m up to 460 points, but I need 600 to get a DS game card case. I hope I make it. – Gato

Brandon: 5 days left! Godspeed…I wonder how many points I have…ah, a whopping 160.

Mark, Cory & Travis: two dorks enter one dork. – starmand

Brandon: Hey now.

For the record, Brandon is roughly 3 weeks my junior.I’ve got your room at the home all picked out, motherfucker. – A Sad Pathetic Little Man

Brandon: Such language. I guess you do get grumpier with old age.

Brandon,Come grow wine with me!!! We used to talk all the time and make fun of my dad’s “helper”. (We didn’t like the word slave) After I moved to your farm, it feels like you don’t love me anymore. – Karen

Brandon: I may not love you anymore, Karen. But damn if I don’t miss you.

To dismiss Mother (especially Mother 3) should warrant being lynched from all things Nintendo – Cam

Brandon: How the hell do you get lynched FROM something?

Thanks for the article, I’ll have a piece of that rss 😉 – feral

Brandon: This was just a little too nerdy to be clever. Nice try, though.

Yes. Please, Shia LeBeouf… eat eight cubic meters of glass. I hope it gives you a tummy ache. – tubular culosis

Brandon: It would give him diarrshia HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

I was watching Law and Order (original flavor) at work the other day and Detective Lupo (Jeremy Sisto) reminds me of you, Brandon. – Opty

Brandon: God Elton, can’t you suck?!

PK Fire! – Ness

Brandon: Ugh. Like nails on a chalkboard, you are.

PUPPIES! – Puppies!

Brandon: Sorry, I don’t agree as much as I did with bacon. I prefer bacon over puppies. Especially if the bacon is made of puppies.

All of the Dragon’s Lair/Space Ace games on NES/SNES have the same frustration factor. – robbway@comcast.net

Brandon: Thank you for your comment, robbway@comcast.net.

That’s just frustrating to watch. – Lupinthefirst

Brandon: I hope you’re talking about the Dragon’s Lair video.

So, is Kevin going to make a video where he swears inventively throughout at least ten minutes of play through Dragon’s Lair? He could. I’d watch it.

Although, seeing him (And the others) fail and die repeatedly in Dragon’s Lair without inventive cursing is definitely the next-best thing. – Jai

Brandon: One could hope. Maybe in the next video he’ll be shirtless. This is invisible text. Hello there.