DRCs: 06-30-09

by Brandon on

Goodbye, June. We hardly knew ye.

The Dragon’s Lair video was awesomely awesome. When will we be playing Burnout Paradise again? I have ever so much fun with you! – Jim

Brandon: Maybe tonight! Maybe not!

I’m with the Puppies guy. This video will probably help sway you – Nussy

Brandon: I didn’t even have to click on that and I guessed what it was.

Well, I got my 600 points at Club Nintendo. Hello, Platinum status! I ordered the blue DS game card case, and it arrived 2 days later! TWO DAYS! I, of course, immediately filled it up with my backlog. I am a dork that loves Nintendo. – Gato

Brandon: Pictures would be nice!

Is Link dog still fresh? I can never tell what’s internet-cool anymore. It’s these damn lobster hands! – tubular culosis

Brandon: I think the general rule is if you have to ask if something is internet-cool, then it probably isn’t. Unless, of course, it’s a dog dressed up in a Link costume.

What are you using to play on the wii, and save state? – kevin

Brandon: Hell if I know!

Seeing my litanous list of Nintendo purchases over the years amount to a big 0 on Club Nintendo makes me so mad I almost didn’t register my copy of Punch-Out!!, it really did.

Also: Burnout rocks. Can you guys talk more about Burnout? – Boîte Diabolique

Brandon: Burnout Paradise is the sole reason I bought an Xbox 360. There, happy?

I liked that Nussy dude on the podcast. He was really cool. A lot less awkward than during the Pizzacast. Probably pretty good looking from the sound of his voice. Women should want to meet m… him… should want to meet him. – Not Nussy

Brandon: He could have talked about Burnout more.

That Dragon’s Lair vid had me cracking up while I was pretending to be working. But I couldn’t look away. – Dan

Brandon: I hope you’re not a surgeon!

do you like sleep? – sleep study

Brandon: No, it sucks. I’ve said before if I could have a superpower it would be the ability to not sleep and never be tired.

It has never really been explained to me, why is Mr. Face never wrong? What makes him so infallible. – Mark

Brandon: Are you seriously trying to question Mr. Face? It was nice knowing you.

What the hell?? Nori is this you? Wow, you’ve been living a double life all along. lol. Cool blog…and by cool I mean utterly dorky. :p – Cybria

Brandon: Well THIS edition of DRCs just got a little more interestiong. I can tell you my nickname has never been “Nori,” so which staff member could it be? You know what rhymes with Nori? yeah…hey Cory, who is Cybria?


France loves you , may we tickle your wee-wee? – France

Brandon: Tee hee! Mais oui! Wow, it’s been a while since I actually felt creepy while typing a response.

One time, while stuck in traffic on the highway, I crapped my pants. – Craptin Poopers

Brandon: Is sharting considered crapping one’s pants? If not, then I’m happy to say that I’ve never crapped my pants. But I’m sure it’s only a matter of time. By the way, “Everybody Sharts” is the name of the children’s book I’m writing.