DRCs: 07-20-09

by Brandon on

At least it’s not goat cheese.

Your choices of beer for me to bring to dorkfest (from my local area) are Harpoon and Green Monster; both are IPA’s. Which sounds more appealing to you? Also, did I correctly use the semi-colon there? I could look it up, but I figured it be easier to ask an English major. – Dewey

Brandon: It’s a shame I’m just now reading this; I could have told you to bring more beer. Think of a semi-colon as a way to link two sentences; it’s basically a gay period.

When “Everybody Sharts” gets published, I’ll buy it and read it to Gatito.

Also, I’ll take some pictures of my Club Nintendo swag and post them in the Club Nintendo thread on the messageboard. I just turned my watch around to remind myself to do that. – Gato

Brandon: I like how you said “when” and not “if” it gets published.

I went to Seward, Alaska last week. It was absolutely stunningly gorgeous and I highly recommend you visit soon. – A Sad Pathetic Little Man

Brandon: Alaska sounds kind of far away. There’s at least 3 states between me and there, right?

Did you shart your jorts? – Mirage

Brandon: Sorry, but Goober is the one with the jorts.

Why don’t you write more articles Brandon? I find you writing witty and informative. – Ralph

Brandon: Hey thanks, Ralph! I’ll keep that in mind.

Much like “Such a thing that once was Rome”, “Off the Top of My Head” better become a recurring article topic. Boris sure is making a lot of work for himself by doing work. – Nussy

Brandon: Work has a way of doing that.

So someone in the drcs recently talked about how they got some shit from registering a lot of Nintendo games, but they didn’t have a picture of what they got. Well, I got some awesome Animal Crossing cards, and here are all the Kings and Aces


Brandon: Yaaaay pictures!

Why do I always want to add an apostrophe to the word photo’s?

Also, I saw your invisible text. – Hubbins

Brandon: You can’t see something that’s invisible, silly.

Thanks to Cybria Nintendorks is no longer a website that does nothing its a blog that does nothing…

Moving up in the world i see. – brettimus

Brandon: More like sideways.

I figured out the mystery: Travis is talking about Goldeneye in that 1997 game that “has some of the best and most interesting enemy AI” part of the rant… ‘Cause I can agree with that. At the same time, no less than three of his bitchy points make him seem like a graphics whore, so I really don’t know how to feel. – Captain Obliviosu

Brandon: Try making circles.

what is your favorite nut? – nuts study

Brandon: Pea.

I missed platinum status by 10 points. 🙁 – SadPenguin

Brandon: Why do you hate Nintendo so much?

how do u play it or where do u play it? cos its not out yet – cazs

Brandon: Yeah it is.

Travis has some masterful montage skills. Why is he known as “Justin Woodside” on Vimeo, though? – Jai

Brandon: That’s his porn directing name. Just in wood side.

Technically proton packs don’t shoot “Lasers.” I guess I am a better scientist than Cory – Mark

Brandon: Seriously, since when do lasers move around all squiggly.

Responding “Mais oui!” to someone offering to touch your wee-wee sounds both like positive affirmation (“But yes!”) and negative surprise (“My wee!”). – Opty

Brandon: That’s why french is the language of love.

I had not read your site in many a moon, but at work today I saw a copy of Cold Mountain lying around and thought fondly of BrrMt.

And now I discover that DRCs are alive again.

Rapturous joy! – zumpiez

Brandon: I forgot about BrrMt and could use a refresher. I’m sure it’s hilarious, though.

I have a gay crush on Kevin, but my Mormon upbringing keeps me from action upon it. – Travis

Brandon: Oh I’m sure you can do what everyone does with religion…find some words that you can twist around to what you really want to believe.

‘Awesome review of The Rocketeer, but the lack of a Mr. Face drawing for “abomination to the human race” was a bit of a let-down. – Me

Brandon: Mr. Face only has 5 emotions because any more than 5 emotions makes you weak.

Hey old friend,

Does it not bother you that there are NO humans driving the cars in Burnout Paradise?

It’s like a creepy automaton society that gets off on Cronenberg-esque crashes. – Will Federman

Brandon: Hey I remember you, you used to “work” here! And no, it doesn’t bother me.

I’m thinking about getting a dog, what type should I get? – Yasar

Brandon: I think I like brown ones the most.

So apparently for being a platinum member you get to choose between a downloadable Punch-Out game where you battle Doc Louis


a life-size Mario replica hat to wear

I think the choice is clear. – MEKsLP

Brandon: I should hope so! We’re talking about the hat, right?

As a longtime StarFox fan (not a furry), Adam’s article was a fantastic piece of opinion journalism. Star Fox needs a game that does justice to the days of the N64,preferably one where Krystal dies. That would be hilarious.

Seriously though, great article. – Mecha

Brandon: I would have to agree. Star Fox has probably been the biggest disaster, franchise-wise.

What portion of the main page’s random quotes come from the forums, The Studio, and the DRC’s, respectively? – Medium Mac

Brandon: I’d say a majority of them are from the studio. I know a bunch come from ye olde IGN days where we would actually meet in a staff chat room to update the site.

Hey, Brandon and company…

I ran into a few of the Nintendorks at e3 this year. After plastering them with stickers, I managed to get a few photos. I thought you might like to see them!

In addition, we’re running a small contest over at TMK. Find photos of e3 folks with TMK “Trust the Fungus” stickers, win e3 goodies. Excitement plus! (http://themushroomkingdom.net/blog#12740) – DavidDayton

Brandon: Holy crap, Matt Casamassina is still around?

I just noticed this at the record store, but: Thanks to Nintendorks, I will forever be confused about whether or not Isaac Hayes is actually alive. – June

Brandon: He will always be alive.

I saw your ass – Mark

Brandon: Hey surprise, I don’t remember that.

I know, I’m surprised I’m awake right now too. – starmand

Brandon: Gooooooooooooooood times.