DRCs: 07-28-09

by Brandon on

Ice! Cold! Ice cold lemonade!

Hey, I’m going to Alaska too! 7 night glacier cruise – not going all the way to Seward though. It’s going to get a little tricky paying for it, with the unemployment and “not having any money to pay for it” thing, but it’s non refundable so I guess it will sort itself out.

…I’ll sell you a blue shell for a dollar! – Emily

Brandon: I’m sure there are some professions you’re good at.

Did you play mafia? I hope you played mafia. – A Sad Pathetic Little Man

Brandon: In whisky’s defense, she really tried to get a game going. But she also really tried at like 1 in the morning when the last thing on my mind was playing mafia.

I took Cyberscholar training for Nintendo products at work. I reached Platinum3 and ended up winning a DS Lite! – tomspug

Brandon: You are an American hero!

Am I the only one that didn’t see gratuitous nudity last weekend? I feel left out 🙁 – hero

Brandon: As if sitting in your lap and saying you were my favorite tall Nintendork wasn’t enough.

I challenge you to a game of horseshoes or bocce for control of Nintendorks.com, your choice of game. choose wisely. – CPG

Brandon: Seeing that I ringered your ringer after I don’t know how many drinks, I think I could take you. I also notice you left frisbee out of the challenge.

Hey, great review. I like seeing somebody who knows what they’re talking about. Keep it up, Kevin from a year ago. – D. Biscuits

Brandon: Time traveling ITDRC.

“Star Fox has probably been the biggest disaster, franchise-wise”

You have seen the latest piece of Micheal Bay robo farting/penis/testicle POS right? – brettimus



Brandon: Hey at least it’s not goatcheese.

I just watched the trailer for metroid prime trilogy…I never did play 2. I owned 1, and 3 was stolen. Other M looks wicked. Vagina boob. – Kevin

Brandon: I think vaginaboob should be one word.

I bought Ticket to Ride on Xbox Live. I look forward to engineering some fun with you. – Nussy

Brandon: Sweet! You missed a really drunk game with Ned and Tim the other Friday night. Well, Tide was really drunk, and it may have been possible that I was too since I was over at his place. Nevertheless, our collective brain power laid tracks to victory.

i know, but keep playing it will take ages to complete, also the stone will turn soldiers and farmers and other citizens with jobs back into carefree adults if you send them into it – me

Brandon: I’ll have what he’s having.

I’m experiencing Nintendork withdrawal. Can someone hold me and tell me everything will be alright? – starmand

Brandon: I’ve got a better idea…

Hey. I think I sent in a comment the other day, but I forgot what it was about. Anyway, can you recommend any awesome wiiware titles? I have LIT and World of Goo, both kick my ass although I got pissed at the last level of LIT and then bought World of Goo. Fun word. Goo. – Kevin

Brandon: I hope you don’t mind waiting a week to read responses!

I’ve never had a DRC published. Does this mean I’m not a real Nintendork? – Canny

Brandon: No.

If you had a year to spend in complete isolation suspended in time, which video games would you take from your backlog? – Barr

Brandon: Wetrix and Tetrisphere.

We now have three Random QOTDs that mention diarrhea in one way shape or form. This news makes me feel warm and splooshy. – Kevyn

Brandon: Like when you’re sliding into third?

Hop in my Chrysler, it’s as big as a whale and it’s about to set sail! – Mark

Brandon: I totally just sang that in my head.

I loved your review of Ghostbusters,and it shows why I like this site more than the other game sites. That was a shitty game where you couldn’t even tell if you were hitting your enemies or not,and a bunch of places where you get stuck because you should have triggered an event but the game didn’t recognise it.

What you guys didn’t mention is that it crashes your Wii also. I returned it to the store,and had to get into an argument to get my money back.

Look,even when I was a Ghostbuster loving little kid,I knew the NES game sucked,and now as an adult I know this game sucks. The rest of the internet apparently doesn’t care how shitty the game is as long as it involves nolstalgia. – Kid Nicky

Brandon: Remember the Commodore 64 game? I remember it being soooooo good.