If Only Two Images Could Explain My Feelings About This Year’s Comic Con

by Kevin on

These two pictures would be them

  1. It turns out that Scribblenauts is something of a big deal. Now, maybe I was misinterpreting the crowd, but it seemed like they were all waiting to play our favorite little DS-game-that-could. I am like 99% sure that most people are going to spend an hour just messing around in the sandbox mode before they start in on the puzzles after purchasing the game. Also, I am tired to hearing the words “keyboard” and “cat” with respect to the game. We get it, internet, you love things
  1. YES there were better cosplayers. But most of them looked like they were in a costume. If this man didn’t have a hat that said “W” on it, I would believe he would have dressed like this any day. Oh, Wario costume man, your suspenders are something that a man with a physics degree does not want to believe. I went, with fellow Nintendork A New Challenger, to the 2009 Comic Con in San Diego. There were a lot of people, and everyone was trying really hard to be funny. One man was trying to sell Mike Tyson’s Punch Out for 40 American dollars. I saw two sets of Mario / Luigi, two princess Zeldas, one awkward Link, and one man dressed in a terrifying Boo Mario outfit. I recommend Comic Con if you like beards and want to walk through people’s pictures.