The Complete Nintendorks 2009 E3 Experience Extravaganza TM

by Travis Woodside on

E3 may have been over a month ago, but that doesn’t keep me from reliving it over and over again like Bill Murray in Groundhog Day.

In order to help you feel my pain we present to you the “official” video of the event. It’s late and doesn’t contain new and stunning information, but it stands as a historical document that at one point we were there and that we played some games. Consider it an overly elaborate time capsule.

Nintendorks E3 2009: An Epic Tale of Swords and Wizards from Travis on Vimeo.

There seems to be some odd syncing issues with the end of the Vimeo streaming version. So be forewarned. The official downloaded product from the link above does NOT have this problem. No one knows why. Vimeo is probably haunted.