DRCs: 08-01-09

by Brandon on

Oh way oh oh whoa oh!

Just realized that I haven’t sent in a DRC in a while, and was worried that you might start thinking that there are moments that go by when I’m not thinking about you. That’s not the case at all. – SquirrelGOD

Brandon: Thank you for that.

I will miss your kitty hat. – A Sad Pathetic Little Man

Brandon: I know who is who, neener neener!

For the non-board members, can you tell us who attended the ’09 Dorkfest? – This guy

Brandon: But how would I tell you if you don’t know forum names? Also, there were about 35 people there, so it would be a long list. Tell you what, if people below were at dorkfest, I will make a note. Just for you.

Stop mentioning Wetrix, you keep making me want to play it, but my 64 is at my parents’. – Emily

Brandon: That was almost a sexy comment until you added those last 7 words.

I don’t remember when I sat on your lap at dorkfest, but I do remember feeling all sorts of happy feelings at the time. Or maybe that was just the drunk feeling. Who knows? – momtartin

Brandon: Hey you were at dorkfest.

I had none of the problems that Kid Nicky had. Sure, it froze up a couple times, but it never crashed my Wii and everything triggered when it was supposed to.

And I even had fun playing the game. I didn’t need extra graphics to tell when I hit something because I can see when the stream was on the the enemy and the health bar started going down. Camera lock on also helped with that immensly.

Does that make me weird? – Phil Matthews

Brandon: Not at all, freak.

Hey so if you could be any rapper ever, which would it be? – Yasar

Brandon: MC Solaar.

I mind greatly. Seriously, any awesome wiiware titles you know of? Toki Tori looks kinda fun. I should buy resort. The man wants to me to go back to work now. – Kevin

Brandon: I’m not a big wiiware purchaser, sorry. Though I hear good things about World of Goo.

Little Kings Story is my heroin. – selendrile

Brandon: I think I’ve played enough Red Faction to send it back to Gamefly and get this.

Hey B, remember last week when we shared that experience? Man, that certainly happened. – tubular culosis

Brandon: I like shared experiences on Jimmy Fallon.

Did jbond just kill the forums? O well, at least it’s not goat cheese. – Chargrock

Brandon: Hey you used an inside joke from dorkfest, which you were at! Also, good job running the jbond joke into the ground here, on the forum, on Facebook, AND on Twitter!

Go Blue Team! – Battymo

Brandon: Damn straight.


I somehow have less than 200 views. This must be fixed! – Legacy

Brandon: That actually wasn’t too shabby. For a Rock Band video.

I thought CJ was a myth like the yeti or chiropractors. – Mark

Brandon: No, all those things are real. Hey you were at dorkfest!

That top 20 GCN games article would have been great if guys didn’t keep spoiling what games were higher up on the list! I want my articles to be like suspenseful adventures, and you went ahead and raped my adventure in the face. Thanks a lot, Brandon. – starmand

Brandon: Nintendorks — Raping adventure in the face.

“The 20 Best Gamecube Games” is the perfect example of a one-time article that would may have worked better as a series–even if in installments of five, if you feel like you’d be dragging it out… It’s sometimes nice when sites update minimally–but regularly–as opposed to in orgasmic bursts… but I understand where you’re coming from.

Anyway, cool article. I’ll definitely work through it, as I’m a big fan of the Gamecube and am already feeling all nostalgic for it. Thanks, CJ. – Me

Brandon: That’s not a bad idea…why didn’t we think of that? 4 articles of 5 games each would have made it look like we were actually updating and doing work! I blame CJ, and ask that you retract your thanks.

You had a Nintendog once, right? What happened to it? – Mable

Brandon: It ran away and then Sarah Palin shot it.

No Thousand-Year Door? Do you guys just hate fun? – Badger

Brandon: CJ does, apparently.

I actually bought Resident Evil 4 three times. Once on cube, once on wii, and once more on wii. I like RE5…just played it for the first time over the weekend….only got up to just past the first boss though. Too bad I don’t have a ps3 myself 🙁 tear. – vaginaboob

Brandon: Or a 360! Double tear.

The Nintendorks Newsletter topic has had a new post since February 25, and I’ve yet to check it. Why? Because I like the little, bouncy block–and as soon as I check it, that block dies (as does a part of me). – A Man from the Boards

Brandon: You are a simple man with simple pleasures.

Nice to see that somebody else on the Internet isn’t completely and ridiculously blind to using Google and some common sense. Thank you for being awesome. – nitrosdragon@gmail.com

Brandon: You’re welcome!

I never heard anyone refer to Battalion Wars II/BWii as BooWii before I listened to Nintendorks Radio Ep. 47. BeeDubYew2 or BeeWii but never BooWii… – Phil Matthews

Brandon: If Nintendorks Radio is anything, it’s informative.


Thought you’d like to know that former Supreme Reader, Carl Johnson, got married over the weekend.

It was an outdoor ceremony under the Hollywood sign. No joke.

Does that make you feel even older?

(I told him I’d send a pic, but I can’t do that in DRC form).

Will Federman

Brandon: Wow!