DRCs: 08-24-09

by Brandon on

Purple lightning.

There’s a u-pick blueberry place less than a mile from my new house. This makes me way happier than it should.Also, anybody want some blueberries? We have a LOT. – A Sad Pathetic Little Man

Brandon: That sounds like an absolutely LOVELY way to spend a Saturday with the wife and kids!

I played two games of kickball the other day, 5-on-5. We played a full 9 innings both games, and the final scores ended up being 6-4 and 2-1. Compare this to the kickball days of my youth, where 2 inning games with team of at least 10-on-10 (more fielders) often saw both teams score at least 20 runs.This made me realize that kids, on the whole, suck at sports. It’s pretty obvious that nobody could catch or throw a damn kickball for their life. Either that, or we had the cream of the crop of defensive fielders in yesterday’s game. – Dewey

Brandon: I think you sent this just to brag about you being athletic. Totally overrated.

For the record, I have not / do not plan to do anything malicious (rage venting to CNE and Kyle doesn’t count). I just shut down my services since I would no longer be actively maintaining them. And let’s face it no one used Navi anyways. I’m not gonna be a dick to you guys (there are still many people I like) even if over half the board and the majority of the studio are dicks to me. – Jbond64

Brandon: I didn’t think you would be, but thanks. And for the record, I wasn’t a dick!

OK, let me try again.Stop mentioning Wetrix, you keep making me want you badly, in a wet, puzzlish sort of way. – Emily

Brandon: There we go.

Oh sure, starmand doesn’t get a “Hey you were at dorkfest” reply.Dick. – starmand

Brandon: Sorry, I had to go see if there was something better going on.

Is there a chance that someone has all the old DRCs and Vibes archived somewhere? I demand nostalgia! – Battymo

Brandon: I have that entire moveable type site archived, I think. As for versions of the site that came before that one, you’re on your own!

I recently spent a week at the beach with my 6 nieces and nephews. I’m pretty sure I’m their favorite now because I brought the Wii. They’re good at Wii Sports, they had a pretty good time with Wii Music, and they suck at Mario Kart and Guitar Hero. – Gato

Brandon: I’m pretty sure you’re their favorite because you’re YOU. Awwww.

Carl Johnson from Spiderman? Did he marry some chick that looked exactly like Miyamoto?(Get it because he made that shrine)(This drc is an excuse for me to let everyone know that I know things) – Nussy

Brandon: Well played.

No Skies of Arcadia? Booo! – Darnren

Brandon: That’s a good point, but it wasn’t exactly a GameCube game to begin with.

I had a really good conversation with Kevin about the societal undertones present in Super Mario World 2: Yoshi’s Island on Twitter. You should hire that guy to write for the site. And me, too! – Adam

Brandon: Sounds like a lazy article to me!

So I was on the road, and I stopped at a McDonalds on the way. To my surprise, the manager there looked exactly like Travis. So I was wondering if Travis leads a secret double life as a manager of a McDonalds in North Dakota. If not, let him know that he may have an (evil?) twin, and that said twin is a failure.That is all. – A guy in North Dakota

Brandon: I guarantee that guy didn’t draw a sword going through the Earth.

At the end of the noir classic “Arthur Hughes PI”, is the singer saying “Hitler”? – Mirage

Brandon: Sure, why not. Oh like you’ve never sang “Hitler” before.

You forgot to note that starmand was at dorkfest. He wasn’t conscious, but he was at dorkfest! – hero

Brandon: Awww look at you sticking up for starmand…I think you liiiiiike him.

Red Steel 2. Deathmatch + swords + wiimotion plus + online, yes? – Vagina boob

Brandon: No.

I want to play Ticket to Ride. When’s a good time for you? – Nussy

Brandon: Maybe tonight, good lookin’?

The Beatles are overrated – Smart Person

Brandon: Only a little.

As a Beatles fan and owner of all their LP’s, what does Brandon think of the new The Beatles: Rock Band? If they include a bit of The Beatles’ history, including a CG re-enactment of John Lennon’s assassination, I’m sold. – The Maker

Brandon: I’ve had it reserved since I don’t know how long, and am counting the days. (16!)

my problem is, I go away from the site for days, and entirely forget whether or not I sent in a DRC since the last time they were updated. And I am mortally embarrassed at the thought of accidentally sending in a dozen of the same messages just worded slightly differently, since I average about one new thought a week. – []!

Brandon: Don’t worry, Mark sends enough for everyone. See! …

Is Nintendorks Radio getting too long? – Mark

Brandon: If you have to ask the answer is probably yes.