DRCs: 08-31-09

by Brandon on

Wasabe is in your sinuses. Discuss.

“Is Nintendorks Radio getting too long? – Mark”

No. Most audio podcasts I listen to are 1.5 hours+.

Mark and I should only talk about this through DRCs and not through the studio or AIM where it would make a lot more sense. – garman

Brandon: I disagree.

Shadow Complex is better at being a Nintendo game than anything actually made by Nintendo in the past five years, agree/disagree? – Kevyn

Brandon: Hate to say it, but agree!

Apparently, wearing a monacle to work is against some lame-ass dress code. Write your congressman. – SquirrelGOD

Brandon: But everytime I write a letter to my congressman I have to wear a monocle! What a vicious catch-22!

Adam’s article came off as:

“I’m bad at old games ;_; ”

Although I think the golden age of games was the snes, not the nes, so he may have an ok point – Cam

Brandon: What the Sam FUCK is ;_; supposed to be?

I have to say this article is one big pile of horsedung 🙂

you cant respect the classics, many of them are still fun today, but you choose not to see that and prefer todays spoonfed graphics fests – KrazyKain

Brandon: I’m glad you put a smiley face at the end of your first comment, because otherwise I would have thought you were SERIOUS.

Will you ask Adam about his daily schedule and general whereabouts on the coming September 6, 2009? – Doctor Cube

Brandon: I think you just did…and I wish I knew what happened on that day. Unless that’s some sort of Minnesota hook-up code.

Why hasn’t Travis written the article about the best games to play when you have no hands yet? – Emily

Brandon: Do you mean physically have no hands, or playing with no hands? Those are two completely different experiences.

Let’s all point at Travis and laugh for not knowing what Sherpas are! – Mirage

Brandon: HA HA!

In general I agree that 8-bit games don’t age gracefully, but I’m sorry, Zelda 1 is anything but an inauspicious piece of shit.

You might not be able to go home again after playing the stuff we play today, but the original Zelda was unlike any other game made at the time. Finding the burning bush was part of the fun. Exploring and discovering without having your dick held the entire time was what made it so compelling. No Zelda since has had the same magic that the original brought to the table. Hard? Yes. But just hard enough to make success that much more rewarding.

In short… GET OFF MY FUCKING LAWN, YOU CRAZY KID! – A Sad Pathetic Little Man

Brandon: I never beat the original Zelda, and I don’t feel bad about that.

Hot tubs are pain in the ass to maintain and most people in my friend group these days find the idea of communal tubbing creepy. At least with me.

OK, I guess I can see that, but still, the thing costs $20 a month to heat and I feel like I’m killing penguins and polar bears for no particularly good reason. – A Sad Pathetic Little Man

Brandon: I suggest communal tribbing instead.

Have you played Batman: Arkham Asylum? After spending a few hours with it, I decided it was like a Zelda game, only you play as Batman. I don’t recall reading that in a couple of the reviews I perused. So far, I agree with all of the praise it has received. – heat vision

Brandon: It’s #1 on my Gamefly queue, but they just shipped me Chinatown Wars, so I will have to wait and see.

Is this the same Brandon that has been doing this forever? It’s been a long time since I’ve come to the site. – reader long ago

Brandon: Unfortunately, Brandon died in freak gardening accident in 2002. Fortunately, he was wise enough to have his head cryogenically frozen. I am Brandon 2.0.

Corey submitted a pre-release review of Dick-Sports, or something, and mentioned something about Petanque. From what I hear, Dick-Sports could have been a LOT better, so maybe they should have recorded us Dorks playing BOCCE ball and used that as a model instead. That includes only being able to play one level on a steep hill where no matter how you throw it, the ball slowly rolls down the hill about 40 yards into the woods. – Dewey

Brandon: I think you mean no matter how YOU throw it. My throws NEVER went into the woods. No sir. Ok, well maybe once.

It seems the game we were playing at Greg’s was “Pétanque”. That sounds so fancy! – Nussy

Brandon: I don’t think Greg would allow something that sounded so french to be played on his lawn.

I eat baby souls. – Mark

Brandon: Delicious.