Apple Challenges Nintendo to Duel, Sony Cries

by Travis Woodside on

An Apple live event is going on RIGHT NOW and they just said, “And people are starting to see what a great gaming device this is.

When you think about the companies that came before us… when you played those other systems they seemed cool, but now when you look at them, they don’t stack up against the iPod Touch.” Meanwhile, photos of the DS and PSP were shown on a screen behind the random talking man.

Now the iPod Touch/iPhone are fantastic devices, but I see gaming on it as more of a bonus to my ability to surf the web or download music. Do people actually buy these devices FOR the gaming capabilities?

Now, the PSP admittedly doesn’t have much going for it, but I can vouch for the DS as having its fair share of new experiences thanks to the dual screens and touch control as well as its share of excellent traditional games. The iPod Touch excels only at the former. The recent attempts to put Resident Evil 4 on the system have been a mess and, in fact, it is this pretend reporter’s opinion that any time you give me a makeshift controller layout over the game interface on the iPod Touch’s screen it is a recipe for disaster.

What are the opinions of you gentle folk? Send in a DRC and let us know.

Cory: My iPhone has quite a few neat games on it, but they are largely smaller, puzzle game type experiences. Trying to do an FPS or any kind of other fast paced console-style title is generally a bad idea, but stuff like Drop7 and Flight Control are really great portable games and are perfect for the platform. It’s certainly a legitimate portable platform, but with its own niche, just like the DS and PSP already have.

Kevin: The tilt sensor and the camera allow for some unique iphone games, but the touch controls by themselves (even if they are multitouch) aren’t all that great. The DS and the PSP have dedicated buttons, which allows for tighter control than what is seen on the iPhone. I have a few games for my phone, but Cory is right, the ones I play the most are puzzle-ey. Maybe Prof. Layton would work on an iPhone, but I’d have a hard time playing New Super Mario Bros on the system. Also I am always worried that this situation would occur:

Man in Theatre: Oh god, someone call for a doctor, this man is dying!

Kevin: Woops nope, my battery died because of my Peggle addiction. Sorry, dying dude.

Exeunt all but Kevin and the Dying Man

Dying Man: Tis’ true that you can’t make a call / due to this mechanical toy / but before I finally fall / can I at least get to hear “Ode to Joy”?