PAX 2009

by Kevin on

So, it’s kind of weird to think about the power enjoyed by Mike “Gabe” Krahulik and Jerry “Tycho” Holkins.

Besides drawing a vastly popular webcomic, they run a merchandising empire, a hugely successful charity, and a (now sold-out) yearly video game exposition. They’re kind of a big deal. When I first met them at E3, back in 2002, they organized a meet and greet in the Kentia Hall Cafeteria, about about 30 random nerds showed up to get them to say funny things out loud. Because Gabe was busy, Tycho drew a little gazelle on my E3 guide, grazing in the vast desert depicted on the cover. It is a little different, now, 7 years and change later. Tomorrow, I am going to go to the 2009 Penny Arcade Expo, which will have around 45,000+ people all milling about in various stages of daily deodorant application. I am the lone Nintendorks representative. I have a few condoms, and if you are a reader of the site (lurker or non), and you are there, and you see me, please talk to me, and you will receive the gift of prophylactic. I am going to be conducting on-the-show-floor interviews, taking pictures, and posting random twitter and site updates over the next few days, God willing. I will also be attending panels, discussions, and, tenderly, excitedly solving puzzle after puzzle with my main man Herschel Layton and his excited young apprentice, Luke.

Do you have any questions? Comments? Requests? Is there someone at the show that you want me to find and punch squarely in the jaw, like a damn man? Email me at kevin (replace this with the customary at sign)