DRCs: 10-20-09

by Brandon on

I figured I should tackle these before I start to play Borderlands.

Holy shit, I’m still a staffer? – RubixsQube

Brandon: Not a day goes buy where I don’t wake up screaming drenched in sweat.

I just freaked out on the radio because a spider ran across my desk. Now thousands of people know my fear of arachnids. – SerratedEdge

Brandon: I freaked out because I read this comment. Now tens of people know my fear of parents with tattoos.

When someone wrote about this link I googled it to see if Google had a cache. They don’t, but I found this site

Are you moonlighting on some Netherland’s site? – Nussy

Brandon: SECURITY!

Are you ready to pray Sushi Roulette!?!?! – Opty

Brandon: In my head I think I could murder a wasabi bomb, but then I also think I would cry like a baby.

it’s 1932 – 1932

Brandon: I was going to call you a liar, but then I noticed your name, so I apologize. Hey how’s it going, 1932.

The swamp one is by far the best DLC for Fallout while the Alien is the worst.

In the swamp you have overpowered mutant hillbillies and a hidden circus beast while on the spaceship you get a very annoying child and a lot of broken supporting characters which can make it almost impossible to beat! – MEKsLP

Brandon: I still haven’t played it, dammit!

How could someone not be looking forward to ANY Wii or DS game coming out? I find it hard to believe a person who is obviously at least somewhat a Nintendo fan (They’re the only systems he owns) wouldn’t want a new 2D Mario game at least a little. You run to the right of the screen and jump on stuff! – Kid Nicky

Brandon: Yeah but you can do that in real life.

I’m glad Obama is canceling our missile defense program. – Dazz07

Brandon: That was terrifying!

I just beat Batman Arkham Asylum and I jizzed in my pants. – vaginaboob

Brandon: I got it from Gamefly yesterday and played I don’t know HOW long…but a LONG time. So long that I was shocked to see I was only at 35%. That right there is a good game. Go Batman, yay!

THIS is the greatest flipnote animation ever.

Doesn’t hurt that I love that song. – Cam

Brandon: Mine are better.

Nope! You weren’t late at all with the reply for my report. The story about overcoming obstacles is actually for a presentation we have to give afterwards. I signed up for the last day, and thanks to you I can bring my Guitar Hero controller as a prop. – Gordy

Brandon: Good. For realism, it was my left knee that I blew out.

Do NOT get up from your chair. Whatever you do, do NOT stand up. – Future Brandon

Brandon: EVER? I want to go home!

I played God of War II but didn’t really enjoy it much. I’m worried that I might not like video games anymore. What should I do? – Fearsomepirate

Brandon: I don’t care.

I just heard a song on the radio from Men at Work called “Down Under” and just wanted to tell you that, that song is that shitznit. But, one quick question, WTF is a vegimite sandwhich? Is it something homoaussies eat or is it a veggie sandwhich? – cdub

Brandon: I actually saw Men At Work LIVE when I was little. I’m not proud. And I don’t know what vegemite is. If I remember it’s some sort a disgusting jelly…like Apple Butter, but instead of apple and butter it’s dirt and sorrow. For the record I don’t think Apple Butter is disgusting.

On the CIA list Me posted on the last DRCs, I made it down to 60 before I never heard the country before. I win. – Another me.


I’m awesome – Contra Shattered Soldier

Brandon: I’m awesomer.


Ahh that was a wonderful piece. Kudos to kevin for that brilliant little story. – cdub

Brandon: You’re a little late to the party, but since it’s an actual comment about content on the site I’ll let it slide.

What’s the point, man? I mean, I COULD keep searching for a new job and continue going to school, but for what? Come 2012 we’re all just going to be rounded up by our alien overlords and forced to do battle in galactic arenas for the amusement of them and their allies. Our only hope is to forsake such things as “Work” and “School”, and focus on intense combat training, so that we may survive to lead the human uprising! Join me, Brandon! Together, we shall lead our species into a bold new future among the stars! – SquirrelGOD

Brandon: I call shotgun!

I’m confused. Was the amusing fishing article by lawyer Chris or one-of-the-new-staffers-whose-name-I-don’t-know-yet Chris. Must know! By the time I read your answer I’ll have likely forgotten the article and this drc! Nihilism! – graddy

Brandon: Lawyer Chris. It’s a Halloween miracle!

gah chris updating i finally thought the world had returned to a state of normality – brettimus

Brandon: It’s a Tuesday miracle!