DRCs: 10-27-09

by Brandon on

What ever happened to El DeBarge? Oh, in prison for possession of crack cocaine? Thanks, Wikipedia!

Sometimes when we touch,

It seems the honesty’s too much. – A Sad Pathetic Little Man

Brandon: We have never touched.

Sam Walton can go fuck his corpse. What’s the point of having Borderlands $25 cheaper if you don’t get any copies in you dumb bitch? – SerratedEdge

Brandon: You should have stolen a copy from some other store, and then taken it there to buy it cheaper.

I thought I should send you this DRC before I start playing Borderlands! Just… waiting for my controller batteries to recharge… yep… any minute now.

There are GUNS that need my attention! Ironically, I will play as the “punch things” guy. I don’t think there are millions of boxing gloves in the game, but… I ASSUME he might also use guns. – Jai

Brandon: Hey remember that one time we played and had a good time? Good times.

I enjoyed the article about fishing. – Levi

Brandon: I did too! Thanks, Chris!

I was at the Willy Wonka factory last week. Oompa Loompa jokes abounded. It is not as glorious as the movie would have you believe. Is everything I’ve ever been told a lie? – Emily

Brandon: I didn’t know such a thing existed! Is everything I’ve ever been told a lie?

I can’t explain why, but I find the Island Flyover in Wii Sports Resort extremely compelling. I’ve found all of the sightseeing spots at all 3 times of day, and I only have about 20 white balloons left to find. I don’t really want to think about how many hours I’ve spent flying that plane around Wuhu Island. – Gato

Brandon: I traded in Wii Sports for resort, and I think I’ve bowled and archered ONCE. I’m a horrible Nintendork.

I dunno if I’m more horrified or intrigued that Chris knows so much about which Nintendo products pass through the bowels the easiest. – Phil Matthews

Brandon: I am non-phased.

The five year old me somehow decided that Luigi was gay because of his jump. – REVLIK

Brandon: You can apply that theory to real life as well.

It’s a fantastic game! And it’s a Batman game! Zany huh? Here’s hoping for a sequel (and I hear they’re interested if the game is well received)…

Sin & Punishment 2 is coming out soon yes? – vaginaboob

Brandon: I was having a blast with Arkham Asylum…and then Borderlands came out. Don’t worry, Batman, I haven’t forgotten you, but when I punch out 8 of the Joker’s goons in one fight none of them drop money or guns!

The king is dead. Long live the king! – Opty

Brandon: Huzzah!(?)

Happy words: I like that there are new articles and that they have lots of fun links set up as parts of sentences.

Sad words: I miss the nintendorks tradition of hiding wonderful jokes in the alt text of all images. I stopped reading the Mario Bros movie defense essay due to lack of alt text funny. – notquitetony

Brandon: I will send your complaint to our Image Alt Tags department. Or as we call it in the office, The I.A.T.

I have a shirt that’s 14% “rabbit fur.” That means there’s dead bunnies in my shirt for no good reason. I feel powerful and maniacal when I wear it. It makes me happy. – Emily

Brandon: Oh I’m sure there’s a good reason those bunnies are dead.

Last night I made beer bread, drank while making it, and ate it with a guinness to drink. One of the greatest nights ever. – []!

Brandon: Haha I’m happy for you.

“featuring two highly punchable faces…” Id punch her somewhere else if you know what i mean **HIGH FIVE**

The dude has a lazy eye – brettimus

Brandon: I thought he had down syndrome. I guess a lazy eye is better.

QUITTER! – Thrall

Brandon: Sorry, big guy! I know Azeroth won’t be the same without Stampy kicking ass for the horde, but I’m sure you’ll manage somehow.