A New Chance at Happiness: New Super Mario Bros. Wii

by Travis Woodside on

ew Super Mario Bros.

Wii released for the masses today. It has met with a bit of strife in the community. Some think Nintendo sucks for not putting online in the title, some think that the fact it supports 1-4 players means that single player sucks, and others think that it’s just not going to be different enough from the DS game to warrant a purchase. In light of the assorted opinions about the title I thought it prudent to present to you my impressions of the first fives levels of the game.

World 1-1: An unknown audience claps when I find large coins and it makes me feel like a superstar. Like someone part of a superstar saga perhaps.

World 1-2: Is he saying “It’s Mario Time!” when I beat a level? Why would he say that? You’re so vain, Mario, you probably think this song is about you.

World 1-3: NOO! Freaking Hammer Bros. made Yoshi commit suicide. Yoshi, death is never the answer. You are selfish.

World 1-1 (again?): A toad got kidnapped and taken to this level and I’m a bad enough dude to save him. Wait, what am I supposed to do if I accidentally throw him into an enemy and kill him?

World 1-First Castle (tower?): Finally, I have found a way to kill Dry Bones.

World 1-4: Haha. If you freeze fish with the new snowball power up they float to the surface in water. That is so great.

Really, it’s Mario so you know what you’re getting here. This is not a bad thing, as it turns out. More Mario is more love. Is it odd that this is Nintendo’s big title for the year? Yeah, kind of, but that’s a completely separate argument from whether or not to buy it. The answer is yes, you should buy it. Do you want me to put a little “awesome” Mr. Face image at the bottom of this article? Would that make you feel better? I haven’t beaten it yet so I’d feel too weird doing that but I guarantee you that’s going to end up being the “score.” So far I’ve played it only alone and I’ve had plenty of fun. It feels like an actual real new installment of a Mario game and you end up playing differently when you’re not playing with other people like I did at E3. You look around for items and secrets more. You experiment. So far I have seen nothing that I can’t do just because Luigi and a couple of toads aren’t with me too.

Also, I know sound quality is better than the N64 and that he is saying “Let’s a go!” but I swear Mario is saying “Pizza to go!”