DRCs: 11-10-09

by Brandon on

Countdown to fun!

Oh, Emily. Having rabbit fur in your clothing doesn’t necessarily mean the rabbit died…

….OR DOES IT. – Jim

Brandon: Shaving a live rabbit is no fun.

I’d let her punch me in the face, only while we were having sex though. – Jonathan

Brandon: I’m going to guess this is about that ExciteBike girl, but I still don’t see how that is different than anyone else.

I am finally an owner of a next gen system. My family just got a PS3. So what game should I start with? – Saleem

Brandon: Mario!!!

To one-up “[]” in his stupid face, I homebrewed a high-gravity scotch ale last weekend. I had some leftover wort after we finished, so my wife made beer oatmeal cookies. We must’ve had, I dunno, 107 cookies. – graddy

Brandon: Nice going, fatty.

That console wars article was great. The part about human trafficking made me lolol. In the sense that I “lol”ed out loud. – starmand

Brandon: Now, I’m confused…did you should “LOL” instead of laughing, or did you actually laugh out loud? I really hope it’s the former.

Your mom was blast processed. – Wisenheimer

Brandon: Hahah I shouldn’t have laughed at that. I am a bad influence.

I am so glad I waited on buying a DSi, I am totally buying one of those DSi Phats – Mark

Brandon: The i stands for immensely obese

I thought that Adam’s rant on the End of the Console Cold Wars was funny and a little informative. I liked the phrase, “if a game doesn’t get above a 9.8 on some scales, it is an abject failure, and each company selects a Japanese man at random to commit seppuku in shame.” I think he’s right about people just screaming at each other, and not really looking at a game and it’s merits. – Ertain

Brandon: Holy crap, Adam, someone agrees with you!

Is it just me, or did the Chozo just come off as pretentious? Naming a hall “The Enlightened Walkway”? Give me a break. – Dr. Worm

Brandon: I named my bathroom “The Magnificent Thundermug Emporium,” does that make me pretentious?

Wii Sports Resort gets an A+ from me for 30 minute bursts and get-togethers. My personal favs are the swordfighting and the island flyover.

Also, I agree that the Mario movie has its moments, but the ridiculous plot and the apparent apathy of the director ruins anything that makes it entertaining. – tomspug

Brandon: Holy crap, Kevin, someone agrees with you!

I miss you. What does she have that I don’t? – World of Warcraft

Brandon: What? Who?

Come back to bed lover.

Who was that on the phone? – Borderlands

Brandon: Oh I see what’s going on here, it’s a clever one-two DRC knockout!

God Dammit. Why can’t developers spread some of this shit out? How am I going to play all these great games at once.

I’m not, that’s how. – A Sad Pathetic Little Man

Brandon: Maybe if you soak some in your gold-plated hottub while watching your 82-inch plasma all your worries will melt away.

Am I the only one who feels the DS (even the original) is just way to small to play comfortably?

I bet it probably has to do with the fact that it’s made for kids, not 30 year old losers. – Kid Nicky

Brandon: God thing you’re just a kid! Now quit yer cryin’, baby.

My iPhone just tried to auto-correct “drc” into “sex”. I guess what would really blow my mind is if it tried to auto-correct “sex” into “drc”, but I still liked it. – Jai

Brandon: The letters aren’t one off from each other by coincidence!

Just got my $40 promo code for spending $80 at Amazon. What should I blow it on? – Gato

Brandon: A $50 gift card!

I can’t wait to find a worthwhile burst-fire (I think I’ve only seen 3-shot and 5-shot varieties) elemental-damage (Shock, preferably, although good god I need to find and put on a good Shock-absorbant shield) rocket launcher in Borderlands, so that I can completely blind all of my teammates even more effectively!

The helix launcher you found for me is great, especially for bosses — although everything else is really hard to hit. Still, as long as none of us can see anything, I’m sure those other details are irrelevant. – Jai

Brandon: Poor Tide.

Tell Kevin to just make vlogs on the YouTubes. – Skoad

Brandon: I’ve watched the Chinese Candy Taste Test more times than I should admit.

I never liked Starfox, possibly because I sucked at every Starfox game ever. – Mark

Brandon: Is that why you also never liked LIFE? HA!

Did you ever notice how in Pac-Man when you get the ghosts all lined up,they kind of look likr the partridges in the Partridge Family theme song? – Kid Nicky

Brandon: How the hell would you know what Pac-Man or the Partridge Family is, you’re just a kid!

We’ve had a lot of Star Fox related articles lately. Well, at least relative to the total output of the site.

Not that it’s a bad thing. I bought SF64 on the VC and would be all over a new version in an instant…

…unless a 360 game came out that I wanted more, which is likely. – graddy

Brandon: Sad, but true. Have some more cookies.

I just picked up Dragon Age the other day and have not slept since.

Here is my 5 word review of it: Arguably my favorite game…EVER!

Also, New SMB comes out in like a week so here is my 5 word preview:

I just Jizz my pants – SmotPoker

Brandon: I wish you didn’t tell me that AFTER I decided to move Dragon Age to my xmas list. God bless you, Modern Warfare 2.

Is Dragon Age better than Yoda Stories for the Game Boy Color? – tubular culosis

Brandon: Is ANYTHING?