Nintendo sells essentially the same thing for like fourth time

by Chris V on

According to video game news site Kotaku, Nintendo has sold 103,524 units of the DSi LL (DSi XL as it is known here).

It is a slightly bigger(?) version(?) of the Nintendo DSi, which is a brighter(?) version of the DS Lite, which in turn was a slimmer and brighter(?) version of the original DS. Or not. Who knows? The Shadow knows, and he’s too busy making me laugh on NBC’s “30 Rock” to tell me the answer. As a faux journalist, I’m too lazy to do research or even have a basic understanding of the story I’m reporting on. I could be a shoe-in for a Fox News position. Oh yeah, the DSi LL has only been on sale for two days, and the DSi went on sale in Japan just last November. That’s over 50,000 LL units per day for a tweak to a brand new upgrade. It just goes to show that despite any global recession, the Japanese will always be willing to part with their money for the latest technology or upskirt DVDs.

Let’s be honest, who doesn’t enjoy a good upskirt?