DRCs: 01-19-10

by Brandon on

It’s just me, deal with it!

Wow… Satchmo hurt me more her first try than you did your entire fucking career…:( – SerratedEdge

Brandon: Well then it’s a good thing we didn’t use our original comments!

Satchmo should respond to more drcs! She’s awesome.P.S. I’m baaaack! – Hitler

Brandon: Hey Hitler, I didn’t know you ever left! Also, I’m sure satchmo will be more than pleased to have you in her corner. Wait, that sounds dirty, I mean have you behind her. Wait…

SATCHMO GETS TO WRITE DRCs? Wait, you should come out to LA and we can make out, too, and then I’ll write DRCs. THEN IT WILL BE ME AND YOU LIKE IT SHOULD BE. AND ZAPP BRANIGAN(FUCK) – RubixsQube

Brandon: You mean answering DRCs would be all it takes to make out with you? Why didn’t you say that sooner!

My jaw hurts. – Mr. Face

Brandon: Ease up on the oral sex, stud.

The kitties like to leave muddy pawprints all over my car. Death to kitties! – tomspug

Brandon: It’s going to be so great when you go to hell and kitties leave muddy pawprints all over your soul.

This time I grew a REAL beard. Curly mustache and everything. – Bearded Bunny

Brandon: Great pics!

Joke’s on you, you took so long to post the DRCs that I have a new computer and a backlog, especially due to the Steam sales. Now if you’ll excuse me I need to go play BioShock. – Opty

Brandon: Joke’s on you, the…ahhh I can’t do it. I was going to ruin the plot of Bioshock for you, but I like you too much.

I’m kind of a bitch, huh? – Alma from FEAR

Brandon: I wouldn’t know, I never played FEAR, sorry. Almost as sorry as this lame response.

Hey, who was that bitch answering drcs with you? She’s cute. – anon

Brandon: That was Alma from FEAR. She’s kind of a bitch, huh?

Damn. Satchmo’s pretty good. – A Sad Pathetic Little Man

Brandon: Tell me something I DON’T know! We will have to drink a bunch of beer and answer DRCs again sometime in the future.

You were in Korea and I didn’t even know it till afterwards.

This is how I know I utterly fail as a member of the dorks community and always have. 🙁 – CaptBushido

Brandon: If it makes you feel any better, I asked about you while I was there. You’re not even in Seoul, though, so I/we didn’t bother contacting you. Plus, we were busy.

Hey, is it okay for an 8 year old to have sex with a 9 year old? – A 12 year old

Brandon: Hey, no.

What is your favorite flavor of Chip? I am fond of Sun Chips Peppercorn Ranch. – Moribund Cinnabon

Brandon: My good man, that depends on the style of chip! I’m a big fan of Miss Vicki’s Jalapeno Potato Chip.

I plan on using this top 30 list in combination with your year-end mix to pick out the albums from 2009 I still need to buy. I’m guessing I’ll NEED to buy at least 4 or 5.

You sir, listen to a lot of music. – Tide19

Brandon: I need to hurry up and finish because I said I wouldn’t get started on 2010 until I did, and there’s already at least 5 albums I want to check out.

I’m sick of people who think their children look cute/adorable.

Look at that. It’s a monster. It’s not cute.

Post more pictures in 6-8 years. – Garbage

Brandon: Yeah, when they get HOT.

Times New Viking is a perfect example of someone I really respect,but can’t possibly imagine purchasing the CD and listening to it in the car. – Kid Nicky

Brandon: Exactly!

Probably Nintendo stopped printing Metroid Trilogy due to poor sales. Just a guess because I own Metroid Prime 1 and didn’t want to pay for it again to try the sequels… Then again, Nintendo fans typically buy the same stuff over and over without question. Who wants an old, gray Nintendo DS when it can be skinnier? With a camera in it… And then fatter again! – Dan

Brandon: That fat DS is going to be about the size of a netbook, isn’t it? Maybe a bit smaller, but that still seems ridiculous. I admit I bought the DS, then the DS Lite, and then the DSi, but I traded each one in to get the new one for cheaper, and I’ve loved each one more than the other–much like a parent loves their newest child more than the previous one.