DRCs: 01-26-10

by Brandon on

Are you a lone wolf that howls at the full moon?

I’m watching TV right now, and they’re having a paper airplane contest at the seniors’ center. The 88-year-old just threw his 12 ft. The 92-year-old woman barely made 6. And with that, you can just stay right there on the edge of your seat, good sir. – Man in the Box

Brandon: Daaaamn boy, my paper airplanes be smoking those old fogies’ paper airplanes, yo!

Hey man, whatever happened to the guy who designed your site a while back that had all the fandangled databases? He was a machine! I bet he’s a high roller now. – Tempo

Brandon: He had a kid, and I never heard from him again. That’s not true, we’re facebook friends, which 6 times out of 10 usually means we’re not friends at all.

Ooh, yes, Miss Vicki’s Jalapeno Chips are tasty too. I do love culinary workaday chit chat. Let’s say you are at your favorite local deli and you order a sandwich. Please describe that sandwich and the drink that goes along with it. – moribund cinnabon

Brandon: It would be some form of turkey/ham combo with lettuce, cheese (preferably pepper jack), mayo, spicey mustard, rye bread if it’s cold, sub-style sandwich if it’s hot. The drink would be water. Great, now I’m hungry.

I can’t wait to Shin Megami Tensei: Strange Journey comes out for DS. What do you think? – Selendrile

Brandon: I think you just made the name of that game up.

I’m glad the site mentioned that they stopped pressing the Prime Trilogy. I quickly snapped up a copy since I borrowed and never finished the first one and always wanted to play all of them. I’ll probably get to it in a couple years, haha. – Eldaron

Brandon: I have a horrible confession to make: My power went out back in October, and the light on my Wii is still red instead of orange.

If you ever want somone that is not at all funny responding to the drc’s, I am your man. I come with poor grammer and spelling as well. – Saleem

Brandon: I won’t take that into consideration, thanks!

So what does a Satchmoan sound like Korean? – MulderX

Brandon: My good sir, you might as well ask what does a R>W sound like? Seriously though, it sounds like a bunch of pots and pans being thrown down the stairs. Haha, that punchline never gets old.

Brandon, you’ve broken my heart. Remember that time you told me you loved me? How did we drift so far apart that you ranked my superfantastic Middle Cyclone at the bottom of your list? MEN. You’re so fickle! Luckily I have Kelly and her amazing rack to console me. – Neko Case

Brandon: I now wonder if you named your album based on Kelly Hogan’s boobs being so large that meteorological events form in between them.

I haven’t been this interested in a “top ten” since the end of last year! And those top tens were all disappointments. I’m feeling good about this one!

I’m an idiot, by the way. My refurb’d XBox is “so loud” because I have to delete and re-install any installed games to actually play them off of the hard drive. I think I’d forgotten what it sounded like to be playing an XBox wrong. – Jai

Brandon: Wait, you didn’t get to keep your hard drive? The only games I’ve installed to my hard drive are Burnout Paradise and Fallout 3…I’m not really sure what the value of sharing that information is, unless you find yourself making your way to one of the tougher rounds of a Brandon trivia game show.

Hello Brandon,

I used to visit Nintendorks all the time and talk about games! But, I’ve been too busy making games to talk about them!

But, I just released the first game that I made totally on my own, which turns out to be much more fun than being part of a team of like 60 dudes. Here is that game: ClickCraft.

If you like clicking, you will love this game. Unfortunately it does not feature a damn horse, nor penny-sized CD’s, nor Brandon’s credit card number, nor the 7 flavors of ass, nor any of the other ancient Nintendorks in-jokes that probably aren’t even remembered around here anymore… holy crap, those were all technically from TWO DECADES ago now. Geez.

I’m glad to see you guys are still doin’ what you’re doin’… even when it seems like Nintendo sometimes forgets what it means to be Nintendo, I know you guys will never forget what it means to be Nintendorks.

End transmission. – IQpierce

Brandon: Hey I remember you! But there’s no way the site is 20 years old…unless you meant 1997 was not during last decade (now that we’re in 2010), but the one before that, in which case I hate that phrasing. Also, jesus that was a lot of clicking–sounded like an Xhosian birthday party that got out of hand.

You avoid writing clever alt text for album covers just to spite me? Harsh man. Don’t you recall how I was your friend in highschool?

*tear* – No One

Brandon: Ha! The joke’s on you, I didn’t have any friends in high school!

I think you made all of those bands up. – tubular culosis

Brandon: Sorry, unlike the holocaust, those bands all exist.

Ten years ago if you had asked me if I thought music could get any worse I probably would have said no. I would have been wrong. At the time I was listening to Limp Bizkit as much as anyone, but even through the haze of puberty and a slowly expanding media consciousness I was able to perceive that something was wrong in the cultural landscape. To think that pop music could be less musical than the Backstreet Boys, rock and roll less relevant than “Nookie”, indie (both the institution and the ideology) commercialized and pussified beyond recognition… and yet here I am, outnumbered on a new york city streetcorner in a discussion about Lady Gaga’s potential as an artist. Fuck, even 80’s synth-nostalgia has been taken beyond the limit of irony-based misuse.

I guess what I’m trying to say is this: Can you honestly say you find these new records as good and exciting as stuff from days gone by? I know, I know, you have to roll with the times, the lowest common denominator will always be the driving force of pop culture, I’m jonesing for the good old days, yada yada all the old excuses. And I’m not trying to criticize your best of choices, we all know it would be futile even if I cared to try. I just wanna know if you can tell me what I’m missing in these songs. Can you? Is it unfair of me to compare modern offerings to bygone favorites? Am I a fool for wanting to expect more from the creative professionals of my generation? Please include references. – Survivor

Brandon: Can I honestly say I find these new records as good and exciting as stuff from days gone by? Not all of them, no. Does that stop me from enjoying the hell out of them if I deem them pleasureable to my ears and giving me aural sex? Hell no. I know I’ve said this before, but I used to BLEED classic rock. If you cut me, Pink Floyd would dribble out. Then I heard The Replacements, realized there was NEW rock as exciting (and dare I say MORE exciting) than the old stuff I was listening to on repeat ad nauseum, and it was all over for me.

Ten years ago (well after my “new music” revelation) if you asked me if I thought I’d be into Dan Deacon and Passion Pit I’d tell you to go fuck yourself. Horizons broaden if you let them (says the guy who actively DOESN’T listen to Radiohead or Animal Collective).

Me attempting to tell you what you’re missing in those songs reeks of futile effort because you come across sounding like a stubborn old man saying he had to walk to school and back uphill both ways. You seem fixated on the past, which is never good–espicially if that past involves Limp Bizkit. Also, If you find yourself in a discussion about Lady Gaga’s potential as an artist, you might be hanging out with the wrong people. And finally, if you grew up listening to Limp Bizkit and Backstreet boys and wish more bands sounded like that, might I suggest checking out this little band called Nickelback. They might be right up your alley.

Passion Pit should be way higher. Also I didn’t see Morrissey’s name on the list,but I assume that’s just because you didn’t get to number 1 yet. – Kid Nicky

Brandon: It’s also because I have a penis and enjoy having sex with women.

Aside from saying “yeah, I love Neko too,” it’s hard to comment on your music list articles until they’re complete. Then we can thrash/comment on your rankings. Looking forward to the top ten! – Eldaron

Brandon: Thanks, I look forward to writing it! Crap, I guess I should get started on that…

Just wanted to let you know that I’ve enjoyed your personal favorite albums of 2009 Brandon. Figured I’d write in with a little encouragement to continue with it as you seem a tad despondent, and everyone needs a pat on the back occasionally. – Fundletheoffkilter

Brandon: Awwww, thanks! It’s comments like this that keep me going. I wish I was being sarcastic.

Wii Potty Training – Great Idea

Brandon: Great idea, or GREATEST idea?

I dunno… my son IS pretty adorable. – Skoad

Brandon: Says you.

Are you gonna make a downloadable compilation of songs from your awesome album list? That seems like it would get a lot of people interested in the series. It’d be a shame to let such a nice compilation go to waste, and you know what they say about dancing and architecture. – Envel

Brandon: Let’s put it this way: people who actually tune in to read my weekly blog posts will be pleased.

wow i remember coming to this site a decade ago when i was around 15 or 16…i turn 26 in a couple months. if i recall correctly you are an english major, right brandon? i always enjoyed your dry wit & your in-your-face writing style. you were always like the father i never had. except i have a father. and i love him dearly. why can’t you understand that? why do you keep showing up at my house on father’s day, offering to “make up for lost time” – Sack

Brandon: If you were my kid I’d be having sex when I was 11. I don’t remember having sex until I was at least 11 and a half.