DRCs: 02-23-10

by Brandon on

In honor of Black History Month my DRC responses are written using black text.

Mr. Face say go play Mass Effect 2. Now. – Mr. Face

Brandon: Mr. Face say not until I finish Dragon Age. Update! I finished Dragon Age a couple weeks ago, and am now playing and loving Mass Effect 2, thanks, Mr. Face!

Computer gaming has such a higher barrier to entry than console gaming, I think we tend to realize just how complex the consoles games that we love have gotten over the years. Yeah, Wii games tend to lose a lot of complexity, but some of that is a good thing to get more people to like Nintendo games. – WindFish

Brandon: I really wish I knew what this was in regards to. Actually, it sounds kind of boring, maybe I don’t.

I’m back again after that embarrassing DRC and just wanted to say: I’ve started listening to the YouTube links. Also, The Fucking Eagles sound like a fucking Rock ‘n’ Roll Soldiers cover band (which isn’t necessarily a bad thing). – Envel

Brandon: Whatever happened to those guys? They put out a pretty good album, wound up in a Sprint commercial, and were never heard from again.

Are you still committed to sparkle motion? – Gato

Brandon: I would love to see a Sparkle Motion “then and now” photo.

Hey B! I don’t know if you remember me, but I used to hit the site back when I was in college in 1997, then… I didn’t actually go anywhere.

HOLY FUCK! That’s a long time.

P.S. I didn’t read your best of music compilation because I’ve never gotten over not liking Pavement despite trying real hard and I can’t take that kind of rejection again.

P.P.S. How can you be despondent after Korea? Unless you’re pining, in which case you’re excused.

A Sad Pathetic Little Man

Brandon: That’s ok, I didn’t read your horribly broken mafia game involving greek gods.

Never have I seen a best of r favorites list where I had heard of none of the listed. Here is hoping you got Taylor Swift or Nickleback in your top 10. – Saleem

Brandon: I’m sorry to let you down. If it makes you feel any better, Daughtry almost took the #4 slot. I have no idea if I spelled his name right, nor do I care.

o…m….G…. That has got to be the coolest/cutest/ubernerdiest thing I think I have ever seen. I <3 it ^^ – MissMandala

Brandon: I’m sure you’re talking about the baby dressed as Link, but I’m going to imagine otherwise.

from now on, I will refer to my appetite as my “stomach boner.” – []!

Brandon: If you don’t mind, I’m going to join you.

I don’t care for “rock” but I am a compulsive clicker – your Strange Boys link lead me to Dutch folk-pop duo Saelors. Bedankt! – satchmo

Brandon: They didn’t sound nearly as gay as a Dutch folk-pop duo named Sælors would lead me to believe! If I knew how to say “you’re welcome” in Dutch I would do that here. I’m guessing it’s something like “velcommen”…maybe with an umlaut. Velcömmen!

Hockey described as LCD Soundsystem meets The Strokes is such a giant stretch, and their inclusion on your list (especially at #8!) is such an eccentricity, that I was almost just pissed off and disappointed. But then it is your list, and but then Hometowns is such a great album, and a really strong choice for #1.

I wish you’d gone ahead with a Boston Spaceships selection though, especially because both albums were initially good and continue to grow stronger with repeat listens. You could have done one of these: The Planets Are Blasted/Zero to 99. Which brings me to a question: have you heard the double live album Licking Stamps & Drinking Shitty Coffee yet? – This guy

Brandon: I don’t know when exactly you sent this, but shortly after I submitted that list, one of my friends said on Facebook that Hockey should have been #2 and I thought he was high, which led me to think that maybe #8 WAS too high for Hockey, so I went back and added a little disclaimer to downplay that album a bit. I still like it a bunch, as I did when I first heard it, but yes, they’re not as good as The Strokes and LCD Soundsystem put together, and that’s not exactly what I meant. As for Uncle Bob, I actually had a little blurb written just like you suggested (one spot for both)…even made an image where I spliced the two covers together! If my list went to 40 they would have been there, but looking at the list (again) now, while I could see my substituting Boston Spaceships for a couple albums there, I’m still pretty happy with the list…this is a lot of writing for simply agreeing with you. And no, I haven’t heard Licking Stamps yet. Also, what a coincidence that I’m listening to his new solo album as I type this! So far so good.

I too like DC Comics and chocolate milkshakes. – Kid Nicky

Brandon: Some things will always be great.

There it is!!!! THE HYRULEAN LOACH!!!!!!! YEAH, BABY!! – JB

Brandon: Well put on your heavy boots and go run up to it! I feel like I just answered some top-secret spy response and now I’m going to get a dossier handed to me. Nerdiest secret mission ever.

She probably gets that a lot! – Over Excited Art Brut Fan

Brandon: Poor Eddie didn’t know who he was dealing with.

Speaking of music, I hope you also listened to The Temper Trap and Band of Skulls last year. They both put out pretty solid albums. – some dude

Brandon: I didn’t, but consider that shit WRITTEN DOWN.

I picked up The Rural Alberta Advantage’s album based on your list and it does not disappoint! These guys fucking rock. Thanks. – starmand

Brandon: Velcömmen!

Dude, this site still exists? Awesome! – thepast

Brandon: It is pretty awesome, I know.

I thought I was losing my mind! Since first playing DKR I’ve spotted the same sound clip in dozens of obscure places. For a while I thought I was being paranoid and convinced myself I was mistaken. Then 5 minutes ago I started watching the film ‘Taken’. Within 5 seconds, guess what?! – BevTheRev13

Brandon: Was this copy and pasted from an old DRC edition what’s going on?

Goddamn MP3s? How the fuck am I suppose to listen while my eardrums are being scrapped away with a dental pick? – Either from 1995 or an audio snob

Brandon: I’m glad this was the only DRC of this sort that I received. It lets me know that your friends most likely hate having you around, and that makes me feel better.

fun, thanks – me

Brandon: I didn’t invent fun, but I’ll take credit for it.

Thanks for the mix cd, Brandon! I DL’d the zip files yesterday and was listening to it…hadn’t heard about 90% of the songs, and I really like the whole feel of the 2 albums. I just burned a copy of each for my car. I’m excited. Now the only tough part will be explaining why there is so many songs in my Itunes from the album Brandon’s Boner Jams ’09. Oddly enough, the goodness of the music has already given me a boner several times, so the name is indeed fitting. – Sack

Brandon: Indeed! Glad you dig it!

I heard a rumor you slept with Satch, the guy who used to do Nintendorks Radio. – Crunkbot

Brandon: I believe that’s phallusy.

Thanks for the mixes. I will sleep with you now. After I burn them to honest to goodness cds. Haven’t done that in a while. cheers! – dale

Brandon: Haven’t done what in a while, burn CDs or sleep with handsome men?

Is there anything more pretentious than handing out “best of 2009” CDs to your friends at the end of the year? – Kid Nicky

Brandon: Maybe looking down on someone who actually has friends to hand CDs out to?

Thanks for the CD’s. I listened to them both at work today and it made everything a little easier. – Tempo

Brandon: That’s because I crafted them atop sunshine and rainbows.

Hi Brandon, I haven’t talked to you in a while, been too busy with school to play xbox lately. and I’m way too cool to send you a PM. So hi. – Greg

Brandon: Hi Greg! Remember that time we chatted a little in #studio64? That was fun.

One thing we can agree on: the more obscure the better. What kind of loser wants to like a band that everyone has heard of anyway?

One thing we won’t agree on: musically speaking, you really can’t beat the 1970s with a stick. – Alphataurus

Brandon: Yeah, Jethro Tull is so much better than so many bands these days…

I just finished Silent Hill 2 and feel all dirty inside. – vaginaboob

Brandon: I do too after reading your name.

Wow, that first CD got a lot better as it went along. I’m glad I kept listening. Downloading disc 2. – Lord of the Little People

Brandon: It’s almost as if I put those songs in a specific order!

Thanks for making these mix cd’s for me. I always though you were cute but i was too shy to saying anything. Hopefully, this the icebreaker that allows us to connect in deep way. Penis. – Luis


“the Zapper for the SNES”

Wow. And you call yourself a Nintendork. Zapper = NES.

Do yer damn research! – Victor Prim,e the Ghost-Who-Waddles

Brandon: Oooooh, someone just got SCHOOLED.

I’ll have you know that the image of Nintendo’s legal department in Chris’ new article tickled my funnybone in a way that both pleased and stimulated. A+ work, sirs! – Sven

Brandon: Agreed!

I’ve been watching some Olympic hockey and unsurprisingly, the Swiss are good in the neutral zone. – Puff Diddy

Brandon: Ha!

Penny arcade is the shit. – Cdub

Brandon: I really like their TV show, and I’m not using sarcasm.

man. so im feeling nostalgic and i swing by nintendorks for the first time since 1998, you know, just to check out some drc’s. less than ten posts down from the top and you clowns are STILL going on about the seven flavours of ass. pumpernickel ftw. im just saying. – undercut

Brandon: Wow, you haven’t used the internet for 12 years? That’s the only excuse I can think of for not visiting Nintendorks since 1998.

Dear Brandon, please keep posting mini-reviews of music all year long. It’s a lot easier to buy albums as they come out, rather than 20 at the end of the year. Yours forever – chrunck

Brandon: I will do my best.


All my DRCs were truly D.

But now they’re M or even Q for me.

Oh I believe in yesterday(eeeee). – Dead John Lennon

Brandon: Even in the dirt your songs are timeless, Dead John Lennon.

What does drc stand for? – stoopid78@aol.com

Brandon: Well, it used to stand for truth, justice, and the American way. Nowadays it doesn’t stand for much at all.