Special Report: The Nintendo 3DS

by Travis Woodside on

Nintendo quietly announced something with what amounts to little more than a press release seen here.

There’s a lot of speculation being thrown around when the official announcement doesn’t say much at all. What is fact? What is reality? Well, we’re not entirely sure either, but we have done a good job of haphazardly cobbling it all together for one concise special report podcast for your listening pleasure. Because we all know you hate to read. Like with standard radio episodes you can get your episode now on iTunes (search for Nintendorks Radio in the iTunes store) or right here.

Special Report – N3DS

We talk alllll about the newly announced Nintendo 3DS and nothing else. Except for thirty seconds of Avatar. It’s a 3D discussion, cut us some slack.

The Facts:

-Brand new handheld system

-Backwards compatible with DS and DSi games (which means it will have two cameras and two screens)

-Features the ability to view 3D effects without special glasses (we don’t know HOW or what type of 3D they mean -more on that in the podcast)

-Will release sometime between April 2010 to March 2011

-It’s from Nintendo

-More info will be released at E3

-“3DS” is just a code name. Expect a new name announcement as we approach E3.

I heard from some guy who knows somebody:

-3D joystick (psp style nub or full blown 64 style joystick? Or a third option!?)


-Motion sensor?

-3G wireless for game downloads?

Pure speculation: (by me)

-Pedometer! Come on, you keep packing it in with games lately. Just build it in!