E3 Day One Grab Bag

by Cory Birdsong on

Here’s a bunch of super-brief impressions of mostly unrelated things that don’t merit their own post. Rock Band 3 DS

This is like Amplitude or Frequency or Rock Band Unplugged, but on the DS.

It is fun.

Golden Sun: Dark Dawn

This is pretty much exactly how I remember the Golden Sun GBA games, only much prettier. Depending on how you feel about things, this might be a good thing, or a bad thing.

New Bomberman Game (XBLA)

This sure is Bomberman! You can use avatars, and it has that fun paint-the-ground mode from Dreamcast Bomberman.

Bonk HD Remake (XBLA)

This game sucks.

The Novint Falcon

If you ever find yourself at a convention where you can mess with this wacky-ass PC peripheral for free, I highly recommend it! It felt like I was poking sandpaper with a gun.

Tomorrow, I should probably play things that merit entire articles.