Other M: I went from “ehhh” to “whoa awesome” in 1:57

by Travis Woodside on

wrote a bunch of crap here about how Other M is going to be talked about for years and that people will write ridiculous essays about it because it’s so different and yet so samey.

But none of that really matters because Metroid: Other M is freaking fun. It’s got a few rough spots, but the good outweighs the bad and there’s a furry animal in it that reminds me of Gizmo. Only this Gizmo is a “man with no name” kind of Gizmo that can speak volumes at you with just a stare.

After spending a couple hours with the title I can say that environment navigation is going to take some getting used to when I’m not following the game’s “go here” beacon. So far that’s my only real quabble. Playing Metroid game that is sometimes 2D, sometimes over the shoulder, and sometimes first person really causes you to lose your bearings fast. The maps seem to flow very well together, though, so I haven’t had much of a problem with running in circles. We’ll see how the game progresses on that front.

Buy this game and have fun, you guys.