DRCs: 10-14-10

by Brandon on

Four days late. Just like my period.

So it turns out Free Energy needs some new material ASAP and Titus Andronicus has that awful New Jersey sound to them. Hope you enjoyed the broadcast of “Something in Common” – DCZ

Brandon: I enjoyed it enough to return the favor! Free Energy easily stole the show from Titus Andronicus, which I totally wasn’t expecting. As good as Titus Andronicus was, I’m not already looking forward to seeing them in December like I am with Free Energy. I will call you again then!

Those were some of the worst DRCs and replies, ever. What the fuck. – The Ghost of Bastion Booger

Brandon: I agree, some of those DRCs sent in were HORRIBLE. What’s wrong with you people?

satchmo: Mom?

Hey cool, this site still exists. Who the fuck is satchmo? More like HOMO amiright?! – õ¿õ

satchmo: All caps is ALWAYS right.

Brandon: THERE’S A SITE?!?


Where do you want to meet? – tubular culosis

satchmo: Who said anything about getting married?

Brandon: Stachmo will be the name of my next moustache.

DRC’s should stand for “Dirty Reader Comments.” – Mark

Brandon: How about Dumb Reader Comments, MARK.

satchmo: Or ‘Do ’em When I Want Reader Comments’ *high five*

What are your thoughts on drinkable yogurt?

Not yogurt in a tube, though. – Magus

Brandon: It’s not as good as drinkable bourbon.

Aloha, Nintendorks.

I just thought I’d see what you fine folks thought of this:


The debate about games as art rages on, but what about reviews as art? – An Unlabled Reader

Brandon: Hey pal, if I wanted to read poetry I’d visit the nearest truck stop bathroom.

What is your advice for a recent graduate who majored in crying and masturbating? – salty lube

Brandon: Is that a minor in masturbating, or a double major? Did you magna cum loud? HA HA HA.

satchmo: Either way, I just hope you didn’t get an arts degree in this economy!

I google, “tailpipe,” all day. – Mmmm, hmm

satchmo: That’s more sanitary than actually sticking your dick in a tailpipe. I guess.

Brandon: You guess wrong.

Rubix – satchmo: He’s King of my pants!

Chris – satchmo: He also has a huuuuuge dick.

satchmo’s thinly veiled homosexuality has certainly put a new spin on drcs. Can’t wait to see his cum dump video. – Ronald

Brandon: I don’t see what’s so thinly veiled about it, and to be fair, Chris does have a huge dick.

satchmo: Show me yours and I’ll show you mine. Wiiiiiink!

For the record, I didn’t even bother to complain about the DRCs that time, Satchmo.

But you’re right. Also, I think you might be racist. A lot. – A Sad Pathetic Little Man

satchmo: Shut up, kike.

Majora’s Mask backwards is the story of a moon emerging out of a quaint fantasy village and a make-up wearing boy that finds his one true identity. – tubular culosis

Brandon: Incidentally, a Duran Duran record played backwards is a slightly better sounding Duran Duran record.

Oh, we’re doing this again? Nice! – SquirrelGOD

Brandon: You’ve been playing a lot of Borderlands recently!

Oh, we’re doing this again? Nice! – SquirrelGOD

Brandon: I get jokes.

satchmo: I don’t 🙁

I’ve recently taken up archery and can now hit a can from about 60 feet away. Is that good enough to begin pursuing a life of crime-fighting? – SquirrelGOD

Brandon: How have you had time to take up archery with all the Borderlands you’ve been playing? I mean really, everytime I log on, you’re playing Borderlands!

satchmo: Do it while riding a horse and THEN we’ll talk.

Pretty much every eight months when I read a DRC update I wonder if I ever actually submitted one. – What

satchmo: Pretty much every eight months when I get an abortion I wonder if I ever actually was pregnant!

Brandon You know what they say: An abortion each Fall is best for us all! And don’t forget to change the batteries in your smoke alarms, folks!

im sorry sasha for the deer video

i do enjoy watching animal beatdowns though – brian

satchmo: I’m more sorry I keep watching Jim’s abscess videos. But I only have myself to blame for that.

Brandon: I’m sorry for everyone involved in this.

In “Other M” Samus takes orders from someone else, and she can’t use her shit unless that someone else says so. What the hell? She’s a badass, bounty hunter whose a loner. She is not a bitch on a leash. The games ok, but not the best. On a side note, I’d still fuck her though. – Cdub

Brandon: I’m willing to bet she wouldn’t sleep with you if you were the last man on Zebes.

I preordered it, I got gold stars on all the scribblenaut missions and unlocked the scribblenaut Avatar. So looking foward to this. – Sleeper

Brandon: I can only guess you’re talking about Call of Duty: Black Ops.

Why did Satchmo help out with the last batch of DRC’s? Was it “take your child to work” day? Was it all the fellatio? I can fellatio. OH GOD how I can fellatio. My tongue is dry.

I want real love. DRC love. – TinyBruce

Brandon: Yes.

satchmo: Too bad DRC love can’t handle talking about band practice five nights a week.

I’m developing my own handheld gaming system. I’m going to call it 3DSS. The extra ‘S’ is for the gratuitous anime sex. – arnette

Brandon: I’m developing my own handheld gaming system. It’s called the PENISS. You can guess what the extra ‘S’ is for.

Pube shirt. – tubular culosis

Brandon: Foreskin scarf.

I don’t try to be an ass. It just kind of happens that way.

Also, give me three reasons to not get married this summer. – fearsomepirate

Brandon: For someone who doesn’t try, you’re a world class champ. As for reasons to not get married this summer: 1) I’m worried it will keep you from posting. 2) Mexico gets hot in the summer, and your mascara will run. 3) It’s MARRIAGE.

satchmo: And don’t forget: the liberals, the price of gold, and the gays.

My day at work in two words: Prolapsed rectum. – dc:ky

satchmo: My day after reading your DRC in two words: vomited lunch.

Brandon: I had to google prolapsed and I have one question: when you found it, did you ask “Hey! Who left this behind?”

Damn. Somebody already has the site soyourlifeismeaningless.com. I thought I had a clever way to make money off of depressed people. – Not Clever

satchmo: I think the pharmaceutical industry already beat you to it.

Brandon: Maybe you could try soyourdumbideaforawebsitewastaken.com

I guess I should have known, what with my name and all. – Not Clever

Brandon: I knew too, I was just humoring you.

satchmo: You should probably just suicide.