DRCs: 10-17-10

by Brandon on

I quit doing blow, I didn’t stop being rad!

My face is itchy. Beards are for sucks. – A Sad Pathetic Little Man

Brandon: Gay joke!

satchmo: I would hardly call that a beard.

I’m using an ancient version of Opera on this machine. I don’t have the necessary “rights” to install a newer one, they say.

What the most outdated browser you’ve ever been forced to endure on a daily basis? – BeardedBunny

Brandon: Netscape 3.2. and IE 3. Those were the days known as Suicide Watch.

satchmo: King Koopa! Oh sorry, I thought you said BOWSER.

So, is satchmo kinda like the robin to you’re batman or what Brandon? Whats going on with that? – cdub

Brandon: She’s more like the Baba Looey to my Quick Draw McGraw.

I’ve been having so much cyber sex lately, but I’m still pretty new to the game.

Any tips? – Vernon

Brandon: Use baby oil instead of tears.

satchmo: Come on the mouse; it’s easy to clean and it looks like a boob!

Satchmo is as funny as she is sexy – Kyler

Brandon: You take that back!

Baseball sounds scary. What is there to protect us from baseball statisticians? – tubular culosis

Brandon: Hockey? No wait, that’s black people.

satchmo: Black people? No wait, that’s Jews.

I hate you for you’re predictions Chris. If Tampa Bay wins the worlds series I will castrate my next door neighbor and then find you and kick your ass (don’t ask about first part). Also, you don’t ALWAYS go with the american league. I think the NL has won 4 world series (the marlins were a fluke) titles between 2000 up till now. So far AL is only up one. – cdub

Chris: I think your math is wrong (6 – 4 = 2), but I appreciate your pure, distilled contempt. If it makes you feel any better, Steve Irwin can finally rest in peace, for the Rays have been defeated.

Happy happy Halloween, halloween, halloween. Happy happy halloween, silver shamrock! I have no idea what mask I’m going to buy, Brandon, what about you? – Not Ryan

Brandon: My advice is stay away from the pumpkin mask. As for me, I’m going to be MATHEMATICAL!