High Voltage Software working on 3DS Conduit title

by Travis Woodside on

The Conduit was a pretty okay game for the Wii.

It was a first person shooter with good graphics, boring AI, and okay level design. It was good (for the wii). Conduit 2 looks a lot better, thankfully, and despite my misgivings with the story writer over at High Voltage, their technical prowess with the Wii is impressive. The good news is that these techno wizards are bringing a game to the 3DS. The slightly less good news is that it’s a Conduit game. Despite the motion control technology, the Wii isn’t the best place for first person shooters. Will the 3DS be better? Only Conduit 3DS alone and no one else can discover the truth. Apparently High Voltage has ported the Conduit engine to the 3DS and claims, “It runs pretty darn well with full 3D and everything.”

My interest in this title is exactly where my interest with the first Conduit was. That is, ‘there aren’t other games like this on the platform so therefore I must have it even though that alone doesn’t mean it will be good.’ Still, I respect the deveper and hope this installment of the Conduit franchise does better for them than the first did.