Attention Bullies: Dinner is Served

by Eric Denney on

According to a press release, Nintendo and Best Buy are partnering up to create a one-stop shop for bullies looking to beat the shit out of scrawny Pokémon nerds.

If you have a 3DS, all you need to do is leave your girlfriend at home (ha ha, jokes are mean!) and go to one of a thousand select Best Buy locations so you can download some random 3DS content while dodging ball punches from barrel torso-ed bullies who have been shaving since 4th grade. To give 3DS virgins a fighting chance, SpotPass technology will let 3DS systems in sleep mode download the content, meaning that the 3DS can be kept inconspicuously. But if you get caught with a 3DS, you can expect to go home with blood on your Pikachu shirt, nerd. No word yet on what the content will be, but it will probably be a waste of time you’ll get tired of after two minutes.