DRCs: 05-13-11

by Brandon on

Staff infection

I still have the password to the Genie’s Lamp level of Aladdin memorized to this day: Genie, Jafar, Aladdin, Abu.

My little sister could never beat the Cave of Wonders level, but she loved the Genie’s Lamp stage (even if she could only beat the first part of it), so we made a sort of song out of the password. – MrMan2k7

Brandon: That’s actually pretty cute. I also bet you guys were pretty popular in school.

Travis: I always hated passwords that weren’t simple letters or numbers. I refused to memorize them in protest and never beat any video games.

Kevin: I spent a few minutes trying to find a way to sing that Genie’s Lamp code to the tune of “One Jump Ahead.” I think I got it!

Chris: Did you make your little sister rub your genie lamp? Haha, get it? Incest.

The last DRCs had a whole lot of people that had just come back after a years long vacation from the site. They must have come back wondering if Travis was disappointed with current events. It turns out that he is. – Garman

Brandon: He doesn’t stop, I assure you.

Travis: I’m certainly disappointed in you.

Kevin: I like how many DRCs each week are written by people who I’ve never heard of. Also I like how every once in a while someone random will try to use it in a serious manner, as if his comments are important.

Dear Brandon,

I would vote for Chris to be President, but I heard he was born in the foreign country of Alderaan, which exploded shortly after his noble parents shipped him down the Nile river to America in a crystalline basket.

Still, there’s gotta be something we can do. How do we make him a national icon? Can you use your magic to help?

In Kevyn’s name, amen. – Jai

Brandon: I only use my magic for selfish reasons, sorry.

Chris: I need to find a way to impregnate Scarlett Johansson like Sean Penn was rumored to do. That will put me on the cover of every supermarket tabloid, including the one that would claim I’m a shaved Bigfoot.

I keep hoping for “The best Albums of 2010” sometime this year like we got last year, I thoroughly enjoyed them. I’m not holding my breath though as both my hope and love have gone unfulfilled and unrequited.

The above statement was a partial lie, hurry please before I become extremely light headed from all the unpleasant lack of air. – Fundletheoffkilter

Brandon: Eeeeeeeeee…that’s the sound of me pulling my collar and shifting my eyes around the room. I actually made a list, but instead of writing an article here (which I honestly think a lot of people wouldn’t read) I updated about 30 times on Facebook with bands and videos as my choices, but in no real order. Maybe I’ll write up a blog post at some point, because no one wants you to die from lack of breath. You are a precious gift to this world, Fundletheoffkilter, don’t forget that.

**Travis:**The Beatles are always good. Have you heard of The Beatles?

I know the future of the Zelda franchise is in good hands when I’m only excited by fan-envisioned versions of well-known Zelda series staples. Samurai Link, Naked Saria, Old Man Link, Double Penetration Ruto… I really wouldn’t mind it if Nintendo could keep me as interested as Nintendo’s fans. – Jai

Brandon: Nothing I say here will top Double Penetration Ruto. You win this round, Johnny.

Chris: I’m not ashamed to admit I’ve jerked off to Naked Saria…of course, I’ve also jerked off to Gadget from Rescue Rangers and the Statute of Liberty (my jism is jingoistic).

Kevin: I think that the new Nintendo console is just powered by the intense dreams and hopes of Nintendo fans. It will still be disappointing, but at least you know you help to fuel that cruel and dark engine.

Hey guys loved the updates last week! – Bmano

Brandon: You are not the real Bmano.

STOP UPDATING SO MUCH YOU’RE RUINING YOUR REPUTATION also something about the true meaning of Christmas and the doctor being ‘in’. – LINUS AND LUCY

Brandon: Good grief.

Since everybody else will either drc about the explosion of content or how they thought the site went down years ago, let me just say this:

You’re 40! – A Sad Pathetic Little Man

Brandon: SECURITY!

I appreciate Cooley High references. – Survivor

Brandon: Word, homey.

The Scott Moffit articles stand right inside that demarcation line that separates genius and insanity. – Fundletheoffkilter

Brandon: That’s what the voices tell me.

Chris: We are like a David Lynch movie but not as good and with more overt homosexuality.

Travis: So a Brett Ratner movie.