Teach The Controversy, Nintendo Everything

by Kevin on

So, a few months ago, Nintendo released a trailer for The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword.

The game looks like it will be…a Zelda game? If you haven’t watched the trailer, go ahead. It’s essentially just Twilight Princess digested and farted out by Wind Waker. However, as reported by NintendoEverything.com, there is a secret message hidden within the trailer’s music:

That’s right, there’s Zelda’s Lullaby. Youtube user and Junior Detective FPAwesome1 sums up the impetus for his monumental discovery: “I was bored, so i started recording things backwards randomly on the voice plus app, and i thought, ‘I bet the Skyward Sword trailer would sound really weird backwards.’ So that’s how i discovered this.” FPAwesome, you modern Sherlock! “I bet Nintendo did this on purpose,” he says in the video. NintendoEverything’s coverage repeats this suspicion, writing “You have to wonder if Nintendo did this intentionally.” YOU DO.

Even though Nintendo has included hidden music in many of its video games (and even system loading screens), this specific instance requires an incredible amount of skepticism. Zelda’s Lullaby may have just slipped in there accidentally. This is something that could definitely have happened at random.