Japanese upset with 3DS, may shed tears

by Chris V on

Online research company “Goo” (a subsidiary of Gunk & Spluge, LLC) interviewed 1,110 Japanese consumers to find out why they haven’t purchased a 3DS, Nintendo’s new three-dimensional video game portability fun machine.

According to an article by Kotaku, there were 19 popular reasons. There are some reasonable options, mostly due to the selection of games available or satisfaction with their current handheld gaming device. However, 60.5% of the respondents were female, so there are also responses like “waiting for my friends to get one,” “the buttons look hard to use,” “worried it’ll be heavy to carry” and “there isn’t a 3DS color I want.” I mean, sure, this reporter may be drawing conclusions that women were the ones who gave those responses, which is an assumption based on harsh and detrimental stereotypes. Then again…you know what girls are like. You know.