Robin Williams Has Been Frequenting The Bottle Grotto, I See

by Kevin on

Here is a new commercial for The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D, set to release this Sunday.

Hey, that was pretty weird, huh?

Robin Williams has always had a pretty spectacular voice, and hearing him describe one of the greatest video games of all time is actually quite stirring. However, things start to take a turn for the weird when they throw in an out-of-place, close-up shot of some lady’s lips, and you realize this is Robin Williams daughter, and then, that Robin Williams is actually Walt Whitman. Apparently, Robin’s daughter, who was named after the Nintendo character (and not Zelda Fitzgerald, who Miyamoto used as his inspiration (all aboard the Crazytown Express!)) is annoyed that her (obviously geriatric) father is (yet again) confusing her life for the adventure-fantasy video games they are both so fond of. (She refers to this confusion as Robin just “singing the body electric”)

Instead of saying something like: “Honey, this has really become problem, I’m really sorry…I’m just so old.” He just wrinkles his eyes in that charming Robin Williams way. “Hard to say, you’re both pretty magical.” Cue the Zelda theme…and cut to a shot of the two of them holding hands in a definitely-not-for-commercials urban apartment.

I guess they wanted to just sit around and talk about upcoming video games they were interested in, and hold hands? I have no idea. Well done, commercial writer, for confusing me. Well done, Robin Williams’ daughter, for embracing something that you potentially might have had some embarrassment about growing up. And well done, Robin Williams’ face, for just growing a big ol’ beard.

EDIT: Thank you, Nintendorks user Hungrywolf, for posting this behind-the-scenes video where we learn a little bit more about Zelda and her father, and their relationship to the series. This is a video I have to watch in short bits, because it makes me really uncomfortable to hear people talking about video games, especially when, as it turns out, neither of them really know what they’re talking about. So, watch on if you want to hear them discuss (at length) cutting bushes, and pushing walls. The highlights for me might be the awkward short clips where Zelda freaks out while her father (homeless Santa Claus) looks over her shoulder, laughing and laughing. “I’m just going to get drunk for this video shoot, how’s that sound?”

“Sure thing dad. The controller looked like an ocarina!”