You Say You Wanted Some Giant Vinyl Anthropomorphic NES Cartridges? Well, you are in LUCK.

by Kevin on


As geeks get older, the more successful ones will always find themselves having extra cash around.

Some will make decks. Some will get into beer brewing. Most, however, end up using it on weird shit. I will see pictures of people’s geeky homes and workspaces, and it’s just full of replica hobbit swords and plastic Rocketeer helmets. Vinyl toys are also a huge goddamn deal, too. San Diego Comic Con is next week, and website io9 has listed a series of exclusive toys featured at the convention that are worth “selling your organs for.” Geeks love toys, I guess. Well, let’s say you wanted to blend your love for retro video game consoles and your desire for more giant vinyl toys to sit on your desk. Maybe Squid Kids Ink‘s upcoming “8-bit-bunch” figures are up your alley? They stand at 7″ tall, feature neat art labels, and they’ll be sold for only $35. Also, they have the recommendation of former Nintendorks editor Johnny! WHICH IS A PRETTY GOOD ENDORSEMENT. If you’re at the San Diego Comic Con, you can go up to the Squid Kids Ink booth and buy one of the gold ones, which is a CON EXCLUSIVE. io9 didn’t include it on their list, but I am going to tell you to SELL YOUR ORGANS AND PURCHASE IT.

Ok I am all SHILLED OUT.