DRCs: 09-09-11

by Brandon on

Hey look it’s still raining.

ANNOUNCEMENT: I pledge to make an effort to answer DRCs more regularly if more DRCs are regularly sent in. That and they don’t suck. Thank you.

Brandon, I’ve lost all will to complete my Masters work, but I don’t want to leave school. I need new inspiration: HELP! – AquaRichy


I always enjoyed the Five Word Review thing that would happen here. People should send in a bunch of those. I tried to make one, but I always ended up with some variation of “A New Game? Fuck Yes!” Or I’d forget to count. – REVLIK

Brandon: Five word review of Dead Space 2! It’s Dead Space, but too.

Oh yeah, I’m alright. Irene was like a gentle mist.

How about the name ‘Brad’ though, huh? Always the stupid jock, shitty boss, or spineless nerd character in movies and television. Like there was a beer commercial where there was a douchey guy with a personalized license plate that said ‘BRADSTER’. And Kevin Spacey’s boss in American Beauty. And the scrawny guy who was scared of everything in Gilmore Girls. Those are the first ones that come to mind. Still better than ‘Gary’ though, those guys are the worst. – Brad

Brandon: I prefer to think of Brad masturbating to Phoebe Cates in Fast Times at Ridgemont High. I also prefer that sentence without the word “Brad”.

Just standing in front of my computer monitor, rubbing canola oil on my butt. – hank azaria

Brandon: Will someone please find Hank Azaria a job!

Bro, I trusted you. I am so mad right now, I could write a song about it. It would be called “California, I love you.” – anthony kiedis

Brandon: I bet it would suck.

I sleep on a borrowed self-inflating air mattress that does not self-inflate because the battery is dead. Which is to say I sleep on the floor. Also there are things that scuttle across my ceiling tiles every day. I have so much money and friends! – Carl Is Bad Caverns

Brandon: Can I borrow some money? I mean, I have some. I’d just like more.

Bark! Bark! Bark! Bark! Bark! – Ollie, the talking Dog

Brandon: I’m actually more impressed that you’re a typing dog!

T-Shirt for smokersBunk, the guy from The Wire

Brandon: A man must have a code.

Uh, I dunno, how about, ‘Filling Me Softly, with His…Dong’. – disinterested parody song title producing robot

Brandon: What a delightful character!

Too often I write a DRC about writing DRC’s. What’s the matter with me? – Gato

Brandon: You need to loosen up, maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan.

Did you see who just moved in? A black jellybean. Sigh. There goes the neighborhood. – Red Jellybean

Brandon: Hey at least it wasn’t a Mexican jumping bean.

I appreciated the feedback to my article. Now I know that no one clicks on links in articles. – Nussy

Brandon: I’m still surprised they can READ.

Merry Christmas. – guy who doesn’t believe Brandon will update as regularly as he says

Brandon: Hey SUCK IT guy who doesn’t believe I will update as regularly as I say!

It always amazes me that no matter how often or infrequently you update DRCs, there is ALWAYS at least one joker who ‘just came back’ and is glad the site is still up. How is that possible? – A Sad Pathetic Little Man

Brandon: It’s possible because Nintendorks is awesome.

You know what’s fun? Having to break up with your girlfriend because she doesn’t love you anymore and then having to sit with her in the same class the following Wednesday because we’re cohorts in the same masters program.

I’m 30. – Drowning In Brownings

Brandon: NONE of that sounds fun. NONE OF IT. You know what IS fun? Slip n’ Slides.

Don’t forget that Torchlight 2 comes out this year. – Travis

Brandon: I should just wait for Diablo III. I tried the trial of Crimson Alliance last night and I was a little bored.

Brando that is weird about your Wii, I’ve never had a (serious) problem with Nintendo hardware yet. I think maybe your Wii is dying… of a broken heart. – billy chilly

Brandon: If that’s the case it should stop being a pussy.

So, these are going to be updated more often now? Like, we might see another round of DRCs before the end of the year? Groovy.

Except it is a lie! We know the world is going to grind to a halt for about a month or three on Nov. 11 when Skyrim comes out. Unless you post another round of them before then. Then I’d feel foolish.

Remind me to ask you in February what you thought of it. – Scorpio

Brandon: If you put money down on a game at GameStop can they transfer it to a different store? I moved, but I think I pre-ordered it at a store before I moved. I don’t want to drive all the way out to the boonies to buy the damn game. I also apologize to everyone in advance for ignoring them when the game is released.

2010 was so long ago that I’ve forgotten about it and am now looking forward to the 2011 year end lists so that my “should get around to listening to” list can have another year’s worth of stuff. I’ll stroke your ego better next time. – REVLIK

Brandon: Mmmmmmmmmm.

I’m having Wii problems, too, but how bad it is seems to have a direct corelation to how long it’s been since I last did anything with it. If it’s been some time, I’ll get the green light and nothing else, to which I just hard reset and try again. It may take several tries, but eventually I’ll get to a slightly smaller problem, where the warning screen will come up, but no “Press A”, and pressing A does nothing. I just hit the reset button. I may have to do that several times, but eventually I’ll be able to access the main menu. If I just want to play a game, this is usually good enough, although on rare occasions the game will freeze, but if I want to access the Nintendo Channel or Netflix, they tend to spend a while freezing up as well, not going through until a few resets later.

The strange thing is, that only happens if it’s been a while. If it’s been a couple days or so, I might just get the no “Press A” error a few times and then I’m good to go, and if it’s been only one day, I’ll usually have no problem at all.

So the solution to getting your Wii to work is to play more Nintendo games, EVERY DAY. – Orange Soda

Brandon: I was kind of in that same boat! The more regularly I used it, the more regularly it worked. But nothing seems to work anymore. I’m now convinced they programmed this into the hardware, the bastards. I should open the Wii up and take that part out so it will work all the time. I’m pretty sure that’s how engineering works.

I guess by this point, Stacy’s got it going on too. – Fountains of Wayne

Brandon: Welllllllllll…