DRCs: 09-13-11

by Brandon on

The last worthless eagle.

ANNOUNCEMENT: I pledge to make an effort to answer DRCs more regularly if more DRCs are regularly sent in. That and they don’t suck. Thank you.

Hey, I really enjoyed your music recommendations from 2009. You should do something like it again. – Nemo

Brandon: Ok! Working on it! I’m telling myself right now that I’m just going to do a list with youtube links but I might cave and actually write stuff.

I think sending your Wii in to Nintendo for repairs costs like $80 or something. So if you don’t have any downloaded games or any saves that are locked to your console and you can find a working Wii for less than that then you know what to do. – Opty

Brandon: I honestly don’t know what I have saved to my Wii that would be worth keeping. Excpet maybe my Wii Fit data and sparkly bowling balls. Oh and I probably have some Wii points floating out there in the shop. I think I might just buy a scale and call it quits.

Burnout Crash comes out the same day as Patton Oswalt’s new album. I plan on shunning pants for the entire duration. – WelshCleats

Brandon: Do you have a webcam?

I’ve been promoted to assistant chair of my department. Now I ooze authority. – Gato

Brandon: Congratulations! You sent a DRC that wasn’t about sending in a DRC!

Red Jellybean’s still mad that we came in and took all of his ancestor’s land hundreds of years ago. – White Jellybean

Brandon: Hey wait a second! I think you’re using this jellybean thing to get across your racist agenda! Well I for one won’t stand for that, crackerbean.

It’s been a long time since I’ve sent one of these in. – Jbond

Brandon: Have I thanked you again recently for that Chatter “Deal With It” gif? Thanks again.

I’m not sure about Stacy, but that albino raccoon sure has it goin’ on! Aww, yeah. – Jim

Brandon: I like her hat. It’s so big. So much hat.

I’m just gonna drink all the chocolate milk. – hank azaria

Brandon: NO, Hank Azaria! You leave some of that milk for others to drink! Mommmmmm!

Uhhhmmmmm…something where you say ‘butt’ instead of ‘what’. – disinterested parody song title producing robot

Samwell: Butt Butt in the Butt

Brandon, do you regularly read any webcomics? HAS ANYONE ASKED YOU THIS BEFORE??? I just started reading American Elf, like 12 years late to the party. – Inquisitive Visitor

Brandon: I recently split a thread on the forum to focus on webcomics, so yes. Yes I do regularly read webcomics.

I should have spent less time over the last few days thinking about how much I wished the DRCs were back, and more time actually checking the site for DRCs.

Anyway, I love you. I love your music posts, too. I’m sorry if I haven’t told you so enough. Please don’t stop! The last thing I want you to do is feel that I don’t care.

I feel lucky to have stumbled onto Nintendorks at a vulnerable age, but I suppose that could be Stockholm syndrome talking. – Jai

Brandon: I see how it is. You get a girlfriend and I never hear from you again. That’s cool, whatever!

Chargrock and I will be attending a wedding tomorrow. I’ll let you know if we end up nailing any bridesmaids (or each other). – Sven

Brandon: Wellllllll? I like to imagine you started making out as soon as you realized you were wearing matching grey shirts. PS If you got that shirt at Express I’m wearing the same shirt as I type this.

Another Wii tip: if you’re not going to play it very often turn off the Wii Connect 24. If it’s piled up a ton of data and shit it can choke your Wii faster than being in a McDonalds bathroom (look at that topical humor). – Opty

Brandon: A lot of good that does me NOW, Opty!

I don’t know if this is moss or human hair caked in blood, gah-yuk! – truffles the silly log

Brandon: Oh god Truffles what have you done this time.

Need some advice: If I have to see my ex every Wednesday for 6 hours in class, what do I do?

Do I sit away from her awkwardly on the other side of the room? Or do I pretend that nothing happened…or something? – Drowning In Brownings

Brandon: Isn’t it obvious that you sit somewhere behind her and every time she talks you roll your eyes a bunch and silently mouth “blah blah blah”?

Five word review for Fear 3: Fucking awesome, no-one plays multiplayer. Five word review for RDD: You can fight brown bears. And five word review for El Shaddai: I don’t know whats happening, I think I’m on acid but I’m not really sure, and I’m scared…Think I might be gay now, too…Hold me. – cdub

Brandon: That last one was more than five words.

You forgot, didn’t you. – 9-11

Brandon: I reflected by watching an “SNL in the 2000s” retrospective on VH1 and eating a pint of Ben & Jerry’s. Not all at once, mind you. I’m not an insensitive monster. I finished the ice cream in two sessions: one for each tower.

I have an enormous deck and yesterday I rubbed sealant all over it. It glistened in the sun, and then I rubbed off the excess with rags. If you ever come to PDX, I will let you drink my beer and stand on my deck. – A Sad Pathetic Little Man

Brandon: Hank Azaria is going to burn your deck to the ground.

What is the most extreme brand of footwear? – Nina Vardalos

Brandon: If N-Gage made those shoes with toes, it would be that.

Hey, could you briefly describe your life in terms of line graph where the Y axis is level of happiness (from 1 to 10) and the X axis is your age (in years) starting from birth and ending at the present?

Thanks! – Poopsy

Brandon: I didn’t dwell too much on this, but here you go!

Caught Sebadoh/Archers of Loaf recently. During Sebadoh’s set a certain personal illusion evaporated – the one I had about enjoying Sebadoh. Their set was so lame! They aged before my eyes, and some of the 90s with them. Like fuck mid-range vocals, why was that a popular thing? Their set was longer than AoL too. Bummer. AoL brought it, of course, not like GbV brought it recently, but at my show GbV had the helpful Times New Viking, and AoL had the very unhelpful Sebadoh, fuck Sebadoh, no offense Lou. – Ronald

Brandon: I know where you’re coming from. When Sebadoh came to town I didn’t bother going, and they didn’t sell out. When Archers of Loaf came to town I bought 4 tickets as soon as they went on sale, and they sold out. Sebadoh has some good tunes, but they’re vastly overrated.


YOU COULD HAVE BEEN A CONTENDER! – The Ghost of Rocky’s Coach

Brandon: I find it very hard to belive that Mickey would use the word “ennui” in a sentence, but maybe he’s been reading a lot in the afterlife. And if that’s the case, heaven sounds pretty boring.

Screw the DRC’s, I want to know when all my serious questions I sent to The Bag will be answered. – CPG

Brandon: If this were an actual question it would be submitted to The Bag and then you would have to wait and find out.

I just started playing Star Trek Online. I’m only playing until Star Wars The Old Republic comes out, you should join me. It may become free to play soon! – Mark

Brandon: What happened to Rock Band? You’re too fickle! This relationship is OVER.

I was recently yelled at by a friend for getting Don Henley’s classic “The Last Worthless Evening” stuck in his head. I am now re-evaluating this friendship. Fuck people that don’t want to spend a day or two singing that to themselves. – SquirrelGOD

Brandon: Don Henley has to be the most boring person in rock and roll.