DRCs: 09-23-11

by Brandon on

Much like my period, these are a couple days late. Sorry.

ANNOUNCEMENT: I pledge to make an effort to answer DRCs more regularly if more DRCs are regularly sent in. That and they don’t suck. Thank you.

You forgot Banco del Mutuo Soccorso. Again. How am I supposed to take this site seriously? – The Second Tallest Man On Earth

Brandon: True fact: Banco del Mutuo Soccorso means “mutual white scissors” in Italian.

Poison Control Center? Really? I saw them open for Pavement in Kansas City, but I was turned off by their constant showboating (windmills, leg splits, guitar swung around neck, etc.) The only song I remember is something about love being the answer, and then you get cancer. Guess I’ll have to give their music a second chance. – tubular culosis

Brandon: I’ll admit they seem to enjoy rolling on their backs a little more than the average band, but it never came across as showboating as it did them simply having fun and/or making fun of showboating. Maybe I was better off hearing them before seeing them.

I started at #1 on your 2010 list of albums and listened all the way to #30. I tended to prefer the more pop flavored entries, but that’s who I am. Thanks for putting that together. It got my through my Friday afternoon at work. – Gato

Brandon: I’m glad! Ain’t nothin’ wrong with pop, my friend. Unless you’re a balloon LOLOLOL!

satchmo: SODA!

5 Word review of the pilot for Free Agents: Needs more Joe Lo Truglio – Nussy

Brandon: That’s my 5 word review for LIFE. #jinglejangle

Of all the Best-Ofs you’ve made, I think that was my favorite. It took me two try’s to get through it. Video #28 (The one with Daisy Lowe dancing) took all of my attention the first go around. I think I’ll go give it some more attention now…

Also, I was amused to have found myself watching 8-bit Metallica and Slayer covers while working my way through your list. – REVLIK

Brandon: I should have just stopped the list at #28.

I don’t know how you find the time to both discover all of these bands and give them a fair listen.. I’ve been listening to the same twenty albums for yeaaars.

Also, I haven’t heard of a single band you wrote about .. – EarsFace

Brandon: I too used to listen to the same twenty albums for yeaaars until I realized any “new” album by a “classic rock” band had a very high chance of flat out sucking. You gotta try new things, maaaaaaaan!

I am afraid of posting on forums. – gregarious gus

Brandon: Everyone! PM sylim on the forum and tell him he’s got nothing to be afraid of! It’ll probably scare the crap out of him!

Do you Karaoke and if so what is your favorite song to do? – Dylab

Brandon: Believe it or not, other than Rock Band, I have never karaoke’d. I’m not against it, just never had the opportunity. I’ve always thought “Alone Again, Naturally” would be a real crowd pleaser. And maybe that’s why I’ve never karaoke’d.

If you could save time in a bottle, what’s the first thing you’d like to do? – Jim C.

Brandon: Rob a bank.

Phonebox Screw would be my band name, based on the “first two things seen” rule. Fascinating.

In other news, my dick itches a little, but I know it’s not an STD because I’m married. – A Sad Pathetic Little Man

Brandon: What the hell is a phonebox and why are you screwing it. Chances are that’s why your dick itches.

Sit on a potato pan, Otis. – Gato


I just went to a Five Guys for the first time a few weeks ago, am now hooked, and I honestly had no idea they have hot dogs. Five Guys makes me miss In-N-Out… but with none of THOSE fuckers around, I’m quite happy with Five Guys.

Now I have a free pass to go eat there again at any time I want, called “Do they actually serve hot dogs because I did not know that. What? No, I don’t want a hot dog. This was a quest for KNOWLEDGE and also a bacon cheeseburger with a cup of fries”. – Jai

Brandon: That’s an awfully long name for a free pass when “Thursday” works just as well.

It’s 2 AM, and I’m reading the latest DRC. Why do I feel so ashamed? – Dewey

Brandon: Probably because you’re naked and covered in dried tears.

satchmo: Those aren’t tears.

Did you ever think of changing the domain name to something a little more accurate? Don’t get me wrong. “Nintendorks” has a nice ring to it. It also has some magic power that summons people from decades long gone by… You have to admit, though, it’s a bit misleading. – Boo Lean

Brandon: You don’t fuck with magic.

Thanks for the album list! The links make it pretty darn useful. You’ve also got plenty of stuff I haven’t heard, which is always nice. – a deaf man

Brandon: But…wait…how…?

That advice to turn off WiiConnect24 really worked. After leaving my Wii alone for a few days, I turned it on, and it booted up right away. If you can be patient enough to spend 15-25 minutes resetting your Wii until you can access the options (estimated based on previous experience of extended periods of unuse), then your problem should be fixed as well. – OrangeSoda

Brandon: My Wii still won’t turn on! This does me no good! I should just use it as a doorstop.

Well I’ve found myself listening to ‘Future Islands’ the most so far. Anything you could recommend off that? Maybe some more ‘hate ’em or love ’em’ vocalists? – grateful gus

Brandon: WU LYF put an album out this year that I dig, but I’ve heard others say the guy’s voice ruins it. Sometimes I think other people are dumb. Sometimes.

I shot that hostage right between the eyes. That’ll teach HER to be weak and defenseless! – Renegade Shepard

Brandon: You’re worse than Hank Azaria.

Queers of War – More Like

Brandon: I found this more funny than I should have.