DRCs: 10-04-11

by Brandon on

Hee hee 10-4 good buddy!

Creates warm and fuzzy feeling (or an erection). Great music and good taste. Thanks! Also, though juvenile, I find the name “morning bender’s” to be mildly funny. – cdub

Brandon: If a bend persists for more than 6 hours, consult your physician.

Drowning In Brownings should just slip ‘n slide into his ex girlfriend, if you know what I mean. 😀 That’d make everything better. – Me. Advice

satchmo: Sir, I’ve been to Dorkfest. I know what you mean by slip ‘n slide.

Couldn’t you just cancel your old Skyrim pre-order and re-pre-order from your new local Gamestop? Or just order from Amazon with release date shipping. Seems simpler to me than transferring your old pre-order. – Scorpio

Brandon: I stopped by one in the mall a couple weeks ago, and since I’m a “member”, they were able to tell me that I don’t have it reserved ANYWHERE. I then took pleasure out of saying I wouldn’t be reserving it, and would probably just pick it up at Best Buy when it came out.

Favorite REM song: Go! – Dylab

Brandon: I have to admit I never got into REM. Like ever. But out of what I know/remember, probably Radio Free Europe.

Joke response: Their final one.

satchmo: I get into REM every single night!

Now that Skyward Sword is almost out, I still have to ask: what the fuck happened to that “Grumble, grumble” guy? – ertain

Brandon: There was really no need for profanity there, ertain.

D&D is approximately 34x nerdier than I thought it would be. – Skoad

Brandon: How many 12 sided dice did it take to come up with that number?

my god! i haven’t been to this site since it started getting sloppy around the gamecube era! it’s awesome to see it’s still up and looks like it’s back to it’s cool ways of running things 🙂 looks like i’ll be coming back here as often as i did back then. so much to catch up on…is brandon still around? – WeskJago

Brandon: Barely.

Blockbuster Canada is going out of business because Blockbuster USA failed to repay a loan to them. Consequently, I now own Muramasa the Demon Blade, Kirby’s Epic Yarn, The Princess Bride, Garden State, Tootsie Pop Drops, and Original Dubble Bubble Bubble Bites on the cheap! I wish more of my favourite companies would go out of business and firesale. Which should I open first? – AquaRichy

Brandon: Your heart. Open your heart.

Do you want to watch me dream, Brandon? – AquaRichy

Brandon: I wonder what it looks like when you dream about having two DRCs answered in a row.

A man, a plan, a canal, Panama! – For Gato

Brandon: Go eat meatballs til you choke, dog.

Does your Wii at least turn on it’s green power light when you try to turn it on? Because if you do, then repeated power off/turn back on should get it going eventually. It’ll just take a while (so, yeah, patience). At least that’s my experience, when my Wii did nothing more than have it’s green power light on. – Orange Soda

Brandon: Ok Orange Soda, I won’t give up on you! (because yeah, the light turns green).

The new DRCs support #hashtags! – WindFish


satchmo: They also support gay rights!

New episodes of Community! All is well in the world once more. – SquirrelGOD

Brandon: Well, except for all that starvation and child rape.

Hey, I know this site is about as active as Ryan’s heterosexuality, so I want people to throw out ideas and I will write something based on those ideas.

Unless the ideas are stupid. Or I’m too lazy to do them. – Chris

Brandon: Write an article about your glorious beard!

I want you to invite me down to see your new place and we can go to a Karaoke bar. You can sign “Alone Again, Naturally” and I will sing “Alone Again” by Dokken.

Think of all the middle aged fat chicks I could get. I’d be knee deep in puffy, saggy pussy. – Chris (again)

Brandon: Then maybe after we can go score some meth, and rob a liquor store!

Congratulations! You have now exceeded the number of DRC updates performed in 2010. – A Sad Pathetic Little Man

satchmo: Aren’t you dead yet?

Hey Brandon, what TIME is it? – Guy who sets up jokes

Brandon: It’s 9:18pm. Your computer probably has a clock in the lower right corner there.

Hey! You should try me more! – New Foods

Brandon: I made Shepherd’s Pie for the first time last week! And for those wondering it IS possible to eat too much Shepherd’s Pie in one sitting.

Funny you should mention late drcs…we should talk… – satchmo

Brandon: A blessed gift! If you need me I’ll be over here at the top of these stairs.

Wow, Five Guys’ menu is almost 1/3 about selling hot dogs and sandwiches. Hidden in plain sight! Looking at that part of the sign was like trying to look away from the Daisy Lowe video. – Jai

Brandon: Why would you try to look away?

satchmo: Fag.

dear shigeru miramodo.I was talking to one one of the kids in my class,and we think you should make a new super mario galaxy 3 for kinect xbox 360.with a whole lot of new powers,and first person mode.also a mario war fare game,when an enemy dies they drop as many coins as it takes to give a whole life – alex

Shigeru Miramodo: Fuck off, kid.

I have completed Kirby Super Star Ultra and Ninja Five-O. Time to ride off into the sunset, I suppose.

Or play something else. – ANC/DRC

Brandon: I would play something else. Riding off into the sunser sounds like it involves leaving the house.

I feel bad when I do bad stuff. But it’s just so god damn easy. Is there a solution? – Survivor

Brandon: Start a fight club.

Whitsky is in NYC partying and she still owes me money from Dorkfest. Consider this the official announcement that we are broken up. For real this time. – dc:ky

satchmo: What is this, TMZ?

I tried to kill myself by eating too many hot wings. I had like 12 or 13. – Hank Azaria

Brandon: Hank Azaria doesn’t try to kill himself by eating too many hot wings. Hot wings try to kill themselves to get in Hank Azaria’s mouth.

I got a PM about herpes and a PM about poop. I think I will probably just continue to lurk, but thank you for your encouragement. – sylim

Brandon: I’m just disappointed in the community that you only got one PM about herpes and poop.

satchmo: I think those were for me…

More people should play on the Nintendorks Minecraft Servers so I can see more awesome things people have built. The Adventure server has been up only for about a week or two and there’s already a ton of great stuff on there! – Jbond

Brandon: When I get a new laptop I’m going to build a giant wang on top of everyone’s house lol!

I haven’t left my house for two days, and I’ve been in my pajamas for most of it, other than having some people over to game. It’s been a good weekend.

But I have to go back to Champaign (IL) tomorrow. That town sucks. If anybody went to school there, they should tell me something un-sucky about it, because I haven’t found it. – Emily

Brandon: Is “having some people over to game” what the kids call it these days?

What you should do with your busted Wii is make an internet video of you using it like a clay pidgeon and blowing it into pieces. Bonus points if you use special effects to make the rifle you use into an NES Zapper. Then post it and watch as Nintendorks is beset by a ton of fanboys and anti-fanboys that fill up your drc box. – Opty

satchmo: You should do that to your face.

Can you make the window minimize and spin around like the Bangladeshi hacker guy did whenever we send in a drc? That was fun. – Milton

Brandon: Sure I can! It’s called mushrooms.

I don’t understand the fascination that many have with In-N-Out burger. I had my In-N-Out cherry popped back in December and in all honesty both the burger and fries were some of the worst I’ve ever had.

Don’t apologize for you late period or DRCs. That is an acceptable price to pay for having tons of hot unprotected sex! – Bmano

Brandon: First of all, you’re not the real Bmano. Second of all, I agree.

I nearly fell off a cliff at some sand dunes in Oregon. Near-death experience story: GO! – sylim

satchmo: A homeless woman once tried to baptize me in a children’s wading pool. That or she thought my hair was greasy.

Brandon: I lived in Memphis!

What are you going to be for Halloween. Would you be offended if I went as “Fat Brandon”? – Mark

Brandon: I would be offended if you didn’t.

My sister and husband were fighting and she was about to kick him out when I showed up for the D&D session. Talked to them, had them figure shit out so everyone could play and be happy! Yay for temporary nerd-fix! – Skoad

Brandon: Seems like D&D is 34x more home-wrecking than you thought it would be.

Are they ever going to make a movie about Nintendorks? It could be similar to “The Social Network” – Mark

Brandon: If they do, you can play the role of “Fat Brandon.”

I insist you not paste positive reviews of XBLA games until I can access XBLA again. – A Sad Pathetic Little Man

Brandon: Don’t tell me what to do, you’re not my dad!

Not killing houseplants is harder than it sounds… How these things survive in the wild boggles my mind. – Boo Lean

Brandon: It’s almost as if some things are better without human involvement.

satchmo: I feel the exact same way about hamsters.