DRCs: 10-20-11

by Brandon on

Tryptophan makes DRCs sleepy.

I’m your only friend. I’m not your only friend. But I’m a little glowing friend. But really I’m not actually your friend. But I am. . . – Mark

Brandon: They Might Be Giants: overrated band, or the MOST overrated band?

Is that Whitney show canceled yet? – hero

Brandon: No. I hope she gets face cancer.

AGGG the internet is just an endless loop of a dozen or so sites refreshing over and over until the day is over and nothing is accomplished. – AGGG

Brandon: I can’t tell, is this a complaint?

Best drummer in the past decade? Your mom. – tubular culosis

Brandon: I was going to say YOUR mom, but I guess my mom is better with paradiddles.

Guess what I just bought??? DOUBLE DASH!!

Blue sparks for everyone! “Hi, I’m Daisy!” – tomspug

Brandon: Hey come on, I haven’t waited THAT long to put these DRCs up!

Favorite horror movie? – Seasonal Q

Brandon: Look Who’s Talking.

I was going to write something about how Fort Collins, CO is a microbrew mecca, and that I just finished a three day drinking tour of the town, but then I thought about most of my last 10 or so posts and realized they almost all have to do with alcohol, and am now worrying that I’m either a raging beer snob or an alky. not sure which would be worse, though. – []!

Brandon: As a functioning alcoholic I would have to say beer snob is much worse.

Calling Randy LVP has been my second favorite freudian slip of the year – CPG

Brandon: Your first favorite involved the N word, didn’t it.

There is a group of hummingbirds living in a tree in my neighbor’s yard. In the evenings after work, I often drink a beer and play with Gatito in the backyard, and there are hummingbirds whizzing around. It’s pretty neat. – Gato

Brandon: We get it, Gato, YOU ARE BLESSED! MOVE ON.

11-11-11 – Skyrim

Brandon: 22 days.

dc:ky broke up with whitsky because she wouldn’t pay him for her share of dorkfest. She invited herself to be my date at a wedding this weekend. I can’t wait to break up with her. Have any suggestions on how I should do it? – Chargrock

Brandon: Clearly during the toasts, duh.

When I try to go to the forum it says the transmitted file contains a virus. Just started happening last night. Don’t get me fired. – Work Web Proxy

Brandon: Huh oh, they’re onto our secret porn sub-forum…

I had a good day today. A simple, sunny autumn day. I’m trying to get out of the habit of just sending in DRCs when I’m having a personal crisis. Spreadin’ some positivity, Brandon, that’s my game. Planting good day seeds in everyone’s mind so that they will sprout and bloom and flourish as BIG GAY TREES.

Have a NICE DAY er’ybawdy. – sylim

Brandon: Thanks for the positivity! I will return some in kind: I read your webcomic regularly, and often enjoy it!

Brandon to update the drcs two consecutive days, even if there’s not a substantial number of drcs on the second day. This is my wish I guess because the drc name would be literal again, if just for a day. I think there’d be a real sense of accomplishment and excitement in the NDorks community. Like I think the drc regular updates are very cool and I’m super appreciative. Just making a wish because they asked me to, before I die 🙂 – Make a Wish kid (brain cancer)

Brandon: Eh, maybe next week.

Have you heard of Starfucker? If so, what do you think of them? If not, what do you think of them? – Jai

Brandon: I’ve heard OF them, and think their name is dumb.

In response to Emily’s comment in the last DRCs about Champaign:

Sometimes there’s music shows at the bars or assembly hall, but most of the things to do in town are based around drinking like you’d expect for a college town.

Also, if you think Champaign is bad, don’t go any further south in Illinois. – MMT

Brandon: Yeah because then you hit Kentucky!

Almost forgot. Loved you’re mini-review of “Burnout Crash”. Good job.

Chris, wtf? Asking for ideas? You could write about the “bender” I had for 6 hours. Was not fun AT ALL. – cdub

Brandon: You can’t spell bender without f-u-n!

if anything I would say an ndorks movie would be comparable to the Matthew McConaughey flick “We Are Marshall”.

Something about the remaining members trying to carry on and write one memorable article after the rest of the staff died or got married in 2004. – MEKSLP

Brandon: I think it would be comparable to the Matthew McConaughey flick “Failure to Launch.”.

Paging Dr. Beat! – dc:ky

Brandon: Won’t you help me Dr. Beat!

Sega Bass Fishing on XBLA is way more fun that it should be. Also, I can’t beat any of your Burnout Crash scores, are you some kind of wizard? – Mark

Brandon: I noticed you’ve been playing while I was out of the country! Don’t get too attached to those high scores, mister. Update: as of last night, you are nothing.

I’ve been lurking here since the late ’90s and have been so inspired by Brandon’s newfound dedication that I’ve decided to send in my very first DRC. I thought last week that I invented the term “whorenado” but it turns out that…OH GOD, THE INTERNET IS LOOKING AT ME! *weeps openly while masturbating* – Original Jim

Brandon: Google image search for whorenado is not nearly as filthy as I expected!

Have you ever played any of those “Just Dance” games? I always looked past them as trash-ware, but they do seem to be pretty popular with the kids these days… – Gator

Brandon: Gator, if you want to play “Just Dance” games, it’s ok. No one is judging you.

My question to you is – do we care about racing games anymore? I played the shit out of Forza 3, but I’m finding it really hard to increase my frothing demand for Forza 4: Another Damn Forza Game. – hero

Brandon: Other than Burnout, and I guess Mario Kart, I don’t really care about racing games, no. The only reason I got that last Need For Speed game is because it was made by the Burnout guys.

Today is my birthday. – Setzer

Brandon: It’s also Thursday!

Pfft, you think you can take a break from the DRCs over Canadian Thanksgiving because you’ve swapped genetic material with a Canadian? Get back to work mister! – Opty

Brandon: You mean swapping genetic material isn’t a Canadian Thanksgiving tradition? I feel so used…

You forgot us again, didn’t you!

You always give us a little bit…and then you LEAVE again!

Well..THIS time I won’t cry! – hero

Brandon: Then my mission has failed.

Apparenlty being tired adn on interent is pretty much just same as being drunka nd telling everyone about it all – Skoad

Brandon: Meaning no one cares?

I am an ugly baby. Brandon would you be willing to review my daily webcomic, www.soyourlifeismeaningless.com? You could call it “the shit” or maybe just “shit.” It would make my day. Thank you. – sylim

Brandon: Well this is awkward…I guess it serves me right for waiting too long to post DRCs. But to reiterate what I said above, I think your webcomic is “the shit.”

Money money money – Wall Street

Brandon: Money!

For the Very First Time video only good For the Very First Minute (If That).

Constructive criticisms:

Uneccesarry for you to read onscreen text.

Watching you familiarize yourself with button configs was like mindnumbingly boring. Maybe funny if you just began playing and learned buttons as you went along.

Criticisms end here because I exited video. – Shit-talker

Brandon: What a succinct appraisal!

I need to know the best place to buy a scarf – Mark

Brandon: If I were to run a scarf store, I think I would name it Scarfborough Faire.

I don’t own any Nintendo systems anymore… And I missed a whole season of Fantasy Basketball… I apologize. – djm79

Brandon: One of those things is worse than the other.